The MeterPlug Tracks How Much Electricity You Consume By Appliance.

The MeterPlug app screenshot.The MeterPlug is an energy tracking adapter that sits in between an electrical outlet and your appliances. Once connected, the MeterPlug lets you monitor your appliance’s power consumption data in real time and gives you the ability to turn off appliances that are not in use via the MeterPlug app. Using the app, the makers of the MeterPlug determined that a 50″ Sony LED TV consumed a nutty $18.25 worth of electricity in standby mode.

The MeterPlug is currently on fundraising site Indiegogo. [GigaOM]


Bill Gates Doesn’t Think Cute Home Efficiency Products Are The Solution

“If you’re interested in cuteness, the stuff in the home is the place to go.”
Bill Gates on the future of energy
Wired Disruptive By Design Conference

Bill Gates has a solution to meet our future energy needs and it has nothing to do with home efficiency. You know, LED lighting, rooftop solar etc. At Wired’s Disruptive by Design Conference in New York, Bill Gates let the audience know how he feels about home based energy efficiency by describing it as “cute” which in Gatesanese means ineffective and don’t waste your time. Bill’s best answer to meet our future energy needs is through improved technology; especially safer nuclear generated power in which he has invested millions. Basically, Bill Gates wants to see us maintain and supply our growth with more renewable nuclear power.

Other than the gain he’ll receive from the growth of his investment in nuclear power, we’re not sure why he would be so down on home efficiency products. Maybe he has an issue with Microsoft’s partnership with Hohm and their shared Microsoft-Hohm energy monitoring product. Or maybe it’s his 66,000 sq ft of home and heated driveways that motivate him to be against cute home based solutions. Either way, Jubbling is not very excited about his plan for the future of energy because it’s all about maintaining our level of consumption. We really like the consume less idea. Plus, if Bill is correct [again], I’ll probably lose my unpaid job at Jubbling.

Update: After reading about Android@Home’s goal to advance smart home technology, I’m starting to think that Bill Gates’ comments were less about “cute” home efficiency products and more about Google’s role in that market.