Thank You China. You Saved Philip Morris In The 80’s When We Stopped Smoking And Now You Want The Coal We’re Not Burning.

Burning Coal SucksGreat article from about the US lessening its dependence on coal and how China’s need is increasing. The author does a great job comparing the US’s reduced consumption of coal in the 2000’s to shrinking sales of cigarettes in the 1980’s and how the expanding Chinese market will bail US companies out for a second time.

As our consumption decreases, US coal mining companies are increasing their sales into China by land transporting and then shipping millions of tons of the fossil fuel. The growth of coal exports into China will require the building of new West coast ports dedicated to shipping this fossil fuel and that’s where the environmental opposition comes in. []


Is Increased Oil Drilling And Exploration A Temporary Fix We Don’t Need?

US Oil Reserve Burn RateRight now in Washington DC, there is a debate going on whether the US should increase oil exploration and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in order to offer some relief from increasing fuel prices. National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge blog has a great article, Drilling Down On Oil, that kind of nails it. According to the article, we consume roughly 25% of the global oil production while possessing only 2% of the world’s reserve and we’re tapping into our reserves at a higher rate than any other country. The oil reserves that we consume now will not be available for future generations.

Maintaining our level of consumption is driving this and in the end, it may just come down to when we should suffer – now or later? Check out the article and decide for yourself.