Jilin’s Rime Ice and Snow Festival Includes A “Shoot Arrows At Live Roosters” Archery Booth.

Live roosters shot with arrows at Jilin Rime Ice Festival.Whether they’re consumed or not, using live roosters as targets is too much. The 20 year old Rime Ice and Snow Festival is an annual event that takes place near China’s largest ski resort and includes skiing, sledding and other wintertime activities. One of those activities is live-rooster archery and why it’s included is beyond me.

You could make the argument that the participants shooting arrows at live roosters strapped to ice are closer to their food than most people but sustenance isn’t the goal here – it’s live target practice and it’s just senseless and cruel. Hoax? I hope so. [RocketNews 24 (disturbing images)]


Jubbling Break: Live Action Toy Story Video

If you have kids and take road trips, bookmark the Live Action Toy Story video. The shot-for-shot live-action video took friends Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta 2+ years to remake and they did it using donated toys from friends and used toys from Goodwill. There’s not much on YouTube that is better than Live Action Toy Story.

The homemade Live Action Toy Story video will not only entertain your kids but it may also inspire them to create their own masterpiece. [Neatorama]


Animal Planet’s ‘Eating The Enemy’ – Watch STRETCH Turn Invasive Species Into Flavorful Meals.

Animal Planet's Eating the Enemy.A good watch is the Animal Planet’s new show “Eating the Enemy.” The show’s premise is simple – send restaurant owner STRETCH into an area dealing with an invasive species (asian carp and wild boar) and he’ll develop a menu item using it. STRETCH doesn’t create the entree on his own; he meets with local chefs to discover the seasonings to use, helps catch the main course and then prepares a meal at a local restaurant hoping they’ll add it to their menu. In the first episode, STRETCH makes sliders using asian carp (or “Bayou bass”) as his main ingredient. I didn’t watch the second episode about hunting and preparing wild boars in Texas.

If you get a chance, check out “Eating the Enemy.” The show next airs on December 31st. A nice bonus of the show is that they cut to the chase and keep it to 30 minutes. [Animal Planet]


BIGFOOT, The Original Monster Truck, Goes Electric. Judging By Youtube Comments, It’s Not Well Received.

“Look, I’ve been a Bigfoot fan forever and I understand why you’re doing what your’e doing (I think). But an Electric Monster Truck? Really? It’s just a scaled up version of the Bigfoot PowerWheels I had when I was a kid. Take away that V8 with the four figure horsepower, and that tremendous noise, and it just becomes boring. I could barely stand to watch this video.”
Comment on EV BIGFOOT from theranter on Youtube.com

There are trolls and then there are really disappointed people. Based on the comments on the BIGFOOT electric Monster Truck’s Youtube page, there are a lot of disappointed people. The folks behind “The Original Monster Truck” BIGFOOT built an EV version and it’s getting the type of reception only reserved for a vegan professional wrestler.

BIGFOOT Electric Monster Truck.
Jubbling thinks it’s great. The greens and the Monster Truck fans, who love the noise and the smell of diesel, probably think an electric Monster Truck is a bad idea for opposing reasons. But whether the EV BIGFOOT wins or not, it’s a change for a normally diesel-fueled event and brings electric vehicles to the forefront. And maybe in the eyes of a few young Monster Truck fans, electrical vehicles will be considered cool thanks to EV BIGFOOT – especially if dad is cheering against it. [Gizmag]


Don’t Be A Sucker By Purchasing An 8 Million Pixel TV With 7 Million Pixels You Can’t See.

Sharp ICC Purios 60-inch 4K LCD TVSharp just announced the release of their new 4K ICC Purios that will sell for $31,000. It’s a 60″ diagonal LCD TV that reaches the 4K mark by displaying a 3840 x 2160 resolution – just over 8 million pixels.

So you have $31k burning a hole in your pocket – should you buy a TV with 8 million pixels? NO and don’t let the sales puke at the electronics store talk you into it. You’re better off extending the life of your current TV rather than upgrading to a 4K model with 7 million pixels you won’t be able to see.

Check out “Why 4K TVs are stupid” on Cnet for more information on why you should NOT migrate to 4K televisions. [Cnet]


Throw Out Your TV? Charging Your iPhone 5 Only Costs $0.41/Year. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Only $0.53.

Smart phone power consumption comparison chart. Opower.comWe’ve all heard about the Apple/Samsung legal battle but Jubbling now just wants both sides to shake hands, maybe hug it out a little, and work together and encourage users to watch TV/movies on their respective mobile devices. That’s because in comparison, the iPhone 5 ($0.41/year) and Galaxy S3 ($0.53/year) will sip on as little power in a year as a 50″ plasma may consume in a day!

Opower analyzed the power consumption of both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 and compared their results to common consumer electronics found in a home. Obviously, groups of 3 or more people will not crowd around a mobile device to watch television; in that situation, see if an iPad ($1.38/year) will work. But if you’re alone and watching Lost on Netflix Instant, turn off the big TV and watch it on your iPhone/Galaxy S3. [CNET and Opower]