Climate Inaction Is Like A Global Ponzi Scheme That Is Paid Into By Future Generations.

Before and After: Tar sands extraction

Uncle Charlie (Ponzi) would be so proud.

There’s a great article, “Global Ponzi Scheme Revisited: How Climate Inaction Betrays Our Children And Future Generations,” by Joe Romm on ThinkProgress. From the article:

“Fundamentally, homo ‘sapiens’ sapiens has constructed the grandest of Ponzi schemes, whereby current generations have figured out how to live off the wealth of future generations. We are all in essence Bernie Madoffs (many wittingly, most not) or at least his most credulous clients.”

It’s an update to an article Mr. Romm wrote in 2009 and the comparison is still spot on. Another powerful quote from the article:

“Madoff is reviled as a monster for targeting charities. We are targeting our own children and grandchildren and on and on. What does that make us?”

[Think Progress]


Best Part Of The World’s Most Expensive Dog Wedding Was Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Calling It Insane!

Thank you Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. You successfully pooped on the World’s Most Unnecessary Wasteful Expensive Dog Wedding! [Laughing Squid]


China Consumes Almost As Much Coal As The Rest Of The World Combined.

China Coal Consumption vs Rest Of The World

Graphic from Washington Post

I might have figured out one major contributor to China’s deadly smog.

Burning coal to supply electricity to 1+ billion people will have adverse side-effects – off the charts air pollution is just the visible one. [ThinkProgress]


Like Putting A Turd In A Hot Dog Bun: The 638 HP VLP Destino Has Fisker Karma Body And Corvette Heart.

VLP Destino - Fisker Body, Corvette HeartWait a second, didn’t Fisker get a $500 million loan from the US Department of Energy to build more fuel efficient electric vehicles? It sucks to think that a good chunk of the millions they spent designing the Karma EV is now being utilized by the roided up and fuel inefficient VLP Destino.

The franken-muscle VLP Destino was developed by Gilbert Villareal and former Ford, Chrysler and GM executive (and Chevy Volt supporter) Bob Lutz and it pairs a Corvette engine with the Fisker Karma body. From Wired:

“Together, they’ve [Villareal and Lutz] struck a deal with Fisker to provide decontented ‘rollers’ of the Karma, sans the dinky four-cylinder engine, battery pack and electric motors. In their place, VLP has fitted one beast of a motor: the Corvette ZR1′s supercharged 6.2-liter V8, good for 638 hp and 604 lb-ft of torque. If that’s a bit much for your taste (or lack thereof), they’ll put in the Z06 ‘Vette’s 550-hp LS7, saving you about $20,000 in the process.”

Basically, they’re taking all that’s good about the Fisker Karma OUT and putting all that’s bad about consumption IN.

We have no choice but to mark this one down as a Jubbling shit sandwich. [Wired]


Wasted Food: Lose Weight By Pumping Food Right Out Your Stomach With The AspireAssist™.

The AspireAssist from Aspire BariatricsIt’s the AspireAssist™ weight loss solution and it works by pumping the predigested food out of your stomach which you then replace with self-pumped in water. During a yearlong European trial, 24 patients lost an average of 45 pounds by puking out of their stomachs using the AspireAssist™. The AspireAssist™ was invented by Dean Kamen – the inventor of the Segway.

After reading about the AspireAssist™ and watching the video, I did some thinking and came up with two positive features of the product:

  1. It’s not FDA approved.
  2. With the mainline to your stomach, you can get drunk on some skunky liquor without actually tasting it.

AspireAssist™ – please be another eagle snatches kid or Rayfish Footwear hoax.

In food waste news… according to the IME:

“Due to poor practices in harvesting, storage and transportation, as well as market and consumer wastage, it is estimated that 30–50% (or 1.2–2 billion tonnes) of all food produced never reaches a human stomach.”

Thanks to the AspireAssist™, the IME report may have to change stomach to intestines. [Gizmodo and Mashable]


‘MAN’ Animated Short By Steve Cutts Looks At Mans Dysfunctional Relationship With The Natural World.

Steve Cutt’s “MAN” animated video is described as “mans relationship with the natural world” and it reminds me a little of WALL-E (without the happy ending). Whether we like it or not, we all make guest appearances in this video. [Laughing Squid]