Facebook’s Prineville Oregon ‘Open Source’ Data Center

Facebook Prineville Oregon Data CenterWired.com has a great article about Facebook’s new data center located in Prineville Oregon. The article focuses on General Manager Ken Patchett and his efforts to create a more efficient data center and his desire to share the information with other companies. From the article:

“With some companies I’ve worked for, your dog had more access to you than your family did during the course of the day. Here [at Facebook], my children have seen this data center. My wife has seen this data center…. We’ve had some people say, ‘Can we build this data center?’ And we say, ‘Of course, you can. Do you want the blueprints?’”

Some of the ways Facebook created a more efficient data center is by building their own larger and easier to cool servers, using outside air and captured water for cooling and generating some of their electricity via solar. And now Facebook wants to share their energy efficient data center design ideas with their competitors through the Open Compute Project. It could be considered a challenge or an olive branch but since it’s about increasing energy efficiency, Jubbling thinks it has to be good. [Wired.com]


Greenpeace and Green Celebrities Aligning To Encourage Facebook To Power Data Center With Renewable Energy… Via Facebook (Again)

Treehugger.com has a post, “Celebrities Tell Facebook to Ditch Coal”, about a new push to get Facebook to move out of its mostly coal powered data center into one that uses an increased level of renewable energy. We wrote about this issue back in September 2010 when it was just Greenpeace leading the effort. But now, green celebrities are taking to Facebook and asking people to join the push too. Here is a video from Ed Begley and his wife, Rachelle Carson regarding the issue:

[youtube width=”360″ height=”250″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV59m5dIocw[/youtube]
Ed and Rachelle definitely practice what they preach and do not back away from confronting any and all environmental issues. After reading many articles about them, it’s easy to make a guess on where they’re going to stand. This example, pushing Facebook to abandon their Oregon data center in favor of one that is fully or partially driven by renewable energy sources, is no big surprise.

Jubbling gets it but for some reason, we’re having a hard time making sense of it. We had the same problem with this back when Greenpeace stood up against the new Facebook data center because in both cases, they’re taking their protest to Facebook. It’s kind of like driving a gas guzzling car cross country to protest the fact that there are too many gas guzzling cars. Think about it. Maybe making a stronger statement would be to leave Facebook in mass in order to make your statement; I’m sure MySpace would appreciate this.

Anyway, I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg is listening too closely. I’ve seen The Social Network and Mr. Zuckerberg probably loves seeing the spike in activity; positive or negative but always on Facebook. What he would be more apt to understand and respond to is watching users leaving his site to protest what Facebook is doing. That would require a commitment from the celebrities involved and I don’t think they’d be able to stomach that move.


Dear Frito Lay – Please Make Your SunChip Bags Louder! XO Jubbling

“Yeah, thanks for the noisy ass, hard to grip cellophane bag Frito lay. Now I can’t hear my f****ng tv over your goddamn annoyingly loud bag. Congrats, you just lost a customer. Food for thought!”
Comment from Youtube.com

sunchips-biodegradableAccording to Greenbiz.com, Frito Lay is going to pull their compostable SunChip bags off the shelf and return to the old bags on all flavors except “Original”. It seems the loud bags are not popular with their louder customers who have taken their disapproval to Facebook, Youtube and directly to Frito Lay.

garbage-landfill2Yes, it is more difficult to sneak a SunChip from the new compostable bag but please, pour the damn chips in a bowl if you can’t function with the noise. It’s no wonder that most of the planet think we’re a bunch of mamby pamby’s – especially when the inconvenience of a biodegradable chip bag gets pulled from the market because a few vocal consumers think it’s too loud. What’s ironic about the SunChips bag is that each time it’s opened, it audibly reminds us that we should compost it; kind of a compost-trigger.

Landfill wins again but we can limit their victory by continuing to buy SunChip’s in their original flavor which will still come in the compostable bag. And that sound you here every time you open a new bag of Original SunChips, that’s the sound of Jubbling.


Greenpeace Calls Out Facebook To Power New Data Center Via Renewable Energy Source

Success sucks and Facebook is the latest company to be thrown under the bus. Greenpeace once again is jumping into the technology fray by campaigning against Facebook to re-think and consider renewable energy sources to power their new Portland OR based data center. Under the current plan, the bulk of the electricity used to power Facebook’s new data center will be derived from coal.

The Anti-Whaling Greenpeace We KnowDon’t get me wrong, Jubbling is not dancing for Facebook. We just liked Greenpeace a lot more when they were chasing whaling ships and protecting harp seals instead of pursuing technology companies. Even their anti-nuke position was legitimate but going after Facebook seems a little opportunistic. It’s like they’re chasing dollars and and looking to get the most play because Facebook is currently the most successful non-search website. Five years ago, MySpace.com would’ve been their target but we know where they are now.

And the irony here is that one of the methods Greenpeace is using to drive this campaign is Facebook. They have 500,000+ Facebookers signing on to support their efforts generating more unnecessary traffic through the site. Also, Greenpeace is not above reproach. Some of their servers, according to The Guardian, are powered by non-renewable sources and nuclear power. (Note: Greenpeace is using offsets to counter their use of non-renewable energy sources for their web servers. Kind of like 5,000 Hake for 1 Minke Whale.)

What Facebook probably should do is offer to advertise on one of Greenpeace’s vessels. Like the Facebook Rainbow Warrior. Or Facebook, utilizing their marketing prowess and subscriber base, should start a competing organization called Greener Peacier and return the focus on protecting critters and stopping nukes. Only then might Greenpeace’s techno-dabbling end and we can all move on and dislike Facebook for other reasons.


Jubbling Is Back!

“The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you’re gonna hear about it.”
Frank Costanza
Seinfeld “The Strike Episode”
December 18, 1997

We’re back, rested and ready to encourage Jubbling again. Sorry we’ve been away for so long. It has taken a full summer to recover from so-called “green” products like the Pepsi’s Dream Machine, the solar bra and Eco-ATM. Not to mention the BP oil spill.

Jubbling School BusMoving forward, our goal is the same: To help our loyal audience of 5+ wade through the nonsense and minutia of the eco-green-sustainably-friendly movement to find products and advance ideas that are truly Jubbling. Ideas that you can adopt in your lives that will help you reduce consumption and shrink your footprint. Because simply reaching for items or pursuing ideas with “green” in the name can be deceptive and might take you down the wrong path. Like Match.com pictures – “green” messages should not be carelessly accepted as fact.