‘Intersex Fish Of The Lower Potomac’ Is Not A Reality Show. It’s A Reality.

Intersex smallmouth bassBack in 2003, a male smallmouth bass was caught in the south branch of the Potomac River that had both male and female parts – intersex. Since then, wildlife biologists have discovered that 50-100% of the fish in various tributaries leading into Chesapeake Bay have become intersex . Here’s a USGS explanation why fish become intersex:

“Intersex is one manifestation of endocrine disruption in fish. Endocrine disruption can result in adverse effects on the development of the brain and nervous system, the growth and function of the reproductive system, and the response to stressors in the environment. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists have documented the presence of endocrine disrupting contaminants in rivers and streams across the nation. Additionally, USGS scientists and others have demonstrated that exposure to endocrine-active contaminants can cause endocrine disruption, which can have ruinous impacts on fish populations.”

What’s causing the endocrine disruption is still a mystery. In addition to stormwater overflows loaded with sewage and pharmaceutical waste, pesticide pollution and manure with natural hormones from upstream farms are also considered a cause of the he-fish to he-she-fish transformations. There are currently two new bills in the Maryland House and Senate that would require farmers to better track what pesticides they’re using on their farms. [Washington Post]


It’s Not A Painting – It’s A Picture Of A Polluted Lake In China.

Lake algae bloom caused by chemical fertilizer pollution in China.That floating stuff may look like paint but it’s lake algae that has bloomed from chemical fertilizer pollution. The Chinese government is spending $77 million to restore the lake.

Lake algae bloom caused by chemical fertilizer pollution in China.

Do you think this doesn’t happen in the US? Think again…

Algae bloom in Wisconsin's Lake Tainter

Algae bloom in Wisconsin's Lake Tainter (2010)

We’re doing some painting of our own. [RocketNews 24]


The $100,000 ‘Beau Coop’ Chicken Coop From Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus Beau Coop Chicken Coop.

Beau Coop chicks and eggs.

Chicks: "Don't hate on us. We just live here."

Spending beaucoup dollars on Neiman Marcus’s $100,000 Beau Coop chicken coop is très wasteful.

After some thinking, we did discover a benefit that could come from purchasing the outrageous Beau Coop. Maybe somebody would dive into farming, who wouldn’t otherwise, with some egg-laying chickens and the Beau Coop. And after they purchase the Beau Coop, they’ll be less likely to spend $100k on a motor home for their poop-laying dog. [Boing Boing]


Unprocessed Organic Carrots Hug. Processed Non-Organic Carrots Are Sickos

Unprocessed Carrot vs Processed CarrotWho’d you rather? The organic, hugging carrots on the left or the processed, creepy from-a-bag carrot [smiley face added] on the right? [Carrot on the left from Farm Food Freedom Coalition via Grist]