McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Sandwich And Fish McBites Are Now Certified As Sustainable.

McDonald's Fish McBites and Fish SandwichThis is a good step by McDonalds. Fast food’s version of Walmart is changing their Filet-O-Fish and Fish McBites to only include sustainably caught fish. From FastCo:

“McDonald’s latest attempt at producing more sustainable food comes in the form of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for its U.S. supply chain–a signal that the company sources fish from suppliers that follow strict MSC standards for ecosystem impact, management, and health of fish stock. In this case, the fast food chain is using wild-caught Alaska Pollock for its new Fish McBites (little balls of fried fish) and its Filet-O-Fish sandwich.”

It’s been 3+ years since I’ve been to a McDonalds but when the McMSC certified hit the menu, I’m going to take my family to our local McDonalds and order Fish McBites. We will then fill out 5 comment cards and encourage McDonalds to go further and expand their certified sustainable offerings to chicken and beef McItems. Their regulars may not care but hearing from customers who wouldn’t go to McDonalds without the MSC certified fish could send a message. [FastCo]


The Burgers At Bob’s Burger In Brazil Are So Good You Can Eat The Wrapper. People Eat The Wrapper.

Bob's Burger - So Good You Can Eat The Wrapper.

Tried to Google translate the burger wrapper but failed.

Whether customers of Bob’s actually consume the wrapper is not important. The idea of having an edible wrapper that not only holds the burger together but also reduces waste may be a good idea. Make the bag edible and it’s genius. [Laughing Squid]


The Daily Show’s Take On San Francisco’s Law Banning McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

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McDonalds Happy MealBack in November 2010, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted for and approved a law that basically bans toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals as they are currently served (ie with fries and soda). It’s the city’s way of battling childhood obesity.

Under the law, McDonald’s and other restaurants will have until December 2011 to improve their meals’ nutrition by adding fruits and vegetables — if the chains want to keep offering toys, including those promoting the latest films. []

The Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, promised to veto the bill but since it was approved by a vote of 8 – 3, he does not have that power.

Personally, I don’t think a bill like this is necessary. If you don’t want your kids to eat Happy Meals then avoid McDonalds -have a backbone and say “no, I’m not getting you an over packaged Happy Meal with the cheap plastic toy that I will eventually step on repeatedly before I throw it into the garbage.” It’s called being a parent.

Here is the segment from The Daily Show that kind of nails it:

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Where’s the Jubbling? The Jubbling is based on our ability to make choices to consume fewer resources (Happy Meal packaging, near-trash toy) and avoid food with little or no nutritional value. It’s not something that should be legislated.