Portland Snow Run – The Only Time Running Is A Bad Decision. [Video]

YouTube: Joggers get more than they bargained for on Portland street

Running in the Portland snow.Lesson: 99.9% of the time, running is a more Jubbling way to get around versus driving. That .01% occurs in this video of two runners taking advantage of the Portland snow to get a run in. [Deadspin]


Power An LED Lamp By Kicking The Energy-Harnessing SOCCKET Soccer Ball.

SOCCKET energy-harnessing soccer ball
SOCCKET in play.The SOCCKET from Uncharted Play, Inc. is a soccer ball that self-charges when people play with it. Thirty minutes of kicking the SOCCKET around will store enough power to run an LED lamp for 3 hours. It’s on Kickstarter looking for funding. According to CNET, if they’re successful on Kickstarter, Uncharted play will introduce a USB version. Who knows, maybe they’ll one day be able to produce SOCCKETs in quantity and follow the “One for One” model developed by Toms Shoes. [CNET]


Reusable Sports Helmet: Giro’s Combyn Is Constructed To Absorb Repeated Impacts.

Giro Combyn Sports HelmetUnplanned “one-impact” obsolescence no more! Giro’s Combyn snow-sports helmet is one of those “why didn’t somebody think of that sooner” ideas. Unlike most sports helmets that are only considered safe pre-impact, the snug fitting Giro Combyn has been designed to receive multiple impacts and always bounce back. How does it work? From Outside Online:

“The Combyn uses a patent-pending, impact-absorbing liner made with Vinyl Nitrile (VN) foam. The liner features two distinct layers of foam that allow the helmet to manage both high- and low-energy impacts across a wide range of temperatures. Unlike traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) or expanded polypropylene (EPP) helmet liners, Vinyl Nitrile is soft and flexible. Layered with a proprietary shell material originally developed for football and hockey helmets, the result is a shell that delivers a comfortable and flexible fit with unmatched durability.”

The only way Giro could improve on their helmet technology is by expanding their lineup to a bicycle version. I’ve had the same bike helmet for 10+ years and it still uncomfortably works but it’s worn to the point that I’m basically wearing a styrofoam cooler on my head. Giro – please make a bicycle Combyn soon! [Gizmodo]


Salmoning Is Our Word Of The Day – Dickish Cyclist Who Ride The Wrong Way In A Bike Lane.

Designated bike lanes to prevent salmoning.The Guardian posted the article “How to stop ‘salmoning’, scourge of NYC’s bike lanes” about the author’s bad experience dealing with salmoning cyclists who ride in the the opposite direction of a bike lane. The focus of his frustration is mostly with bike messengers and New York city food delivery cyclists. His solution to deal with it: ride head-on towards the salmoner.

The article made me stop and think about the bad rap bike riders get and whether it’s deserved or not. I’m not a regular cyclist but traveling by bike is always preferred. When I do drive, I always share the road with cyclists by giving bike riders ample space so they’ll feel safe riding on the shoulder. That said, I’ve still dealt with my share of angry cyclists and my exprience helped me develop a theory.

Basically, cyclists are like drivers only their rage can not be hidden within a car. When you’re driving, how often have you called another driver a “dumb-ass” or “shit for brains” from the sound-proof protection of your car? Imagine if you weren’t in your car – would you still say those thing? Probably and that’s why bike-rage and militant cyclists get such a bad rap. They’re like car drivers only unfiltered.

If it’s not already, salmoning should be a ticketable offense. Think of how easily these cyclist on cyclist confrontations could escalate between two unfiltered, unencumbered [by car] bike riders. [Guardian]


Orbea’s Grow Series Bicycles For Kids Adjusts To Match Its Growing Rider

Orbea Grow Series Bike
Click to enlarge: Orbea Grow Series Bikes Chart Click to enlarge: Orbea Grow Series Bikes - Adjustments

Orbea bicycles are expensive. Their new Grow series for kids is also expensive but will partially counter the high price by adjusting, expanding and growing with our kids. So far, Orbea has a pedal-less Grow 0 model for 1.5 – 4 year olds, the Grow 1 bicycle for 2.5 – 5 year olds, and the Grow 2 models for 4 – 9 year olds that comes in geared (7V) and un-geared (1V) versions. With the Grow 1 & 2, you can adjust the frame length plus the seat and handlebar height.

Although their price is on the high side, $235 (Grow 0) to $340 (Grow 2-7V), all Orbea bikes come standard with a lifetime warranty which will come in handy if you only have one kid now but are planning on having 5 or more. [Treehugger.com]


K-Tor Pocket Socket And Power Box

K-Tor Power Box ChargerPortable chargers like K-Tor’s Pocket Socket ($49) and Power Box ($150) are simple ideas that are packed with awesomeness.

K-Tor Pocket Socket RechargerThe Pocket Socket’s is a hand-crank generator with a max output of 10w and is targeted toward emergency charging of cellphones, portable lighting etc. The collapsible and portable Power Box is a pedal-powered generator that produces up to 20w of power; enough to re-charge a laptop, tablet and of course, cellphones.

I’d like the see a video of K-Tor’s Power Box in use. If it’s not too loud, it could be the perfect product for anyone looking to sneak in a little exercise while they charge and work on their laptop. [GizMag]