Why Isn’t Mouse Flavored Cat Food Available?

Mouse flavored cat food?Wouldn’t it be great if cat food did come in mouse flavor? We could turn a pest, that breeds like mice, into food for our pets. My daughter asked me why mouse-flavored cat food wasn’t available and since I didn’t have a good answer, I decided to check around. The best answer I could find was from Yahoo:

“The reason [mouse-flavored cat food] isn’t available is simple: Cats are not the one buying the food. It is proven that people buy cat food according to their own image of what their cat should like. So mouse-flavored food is not as appetizing as chicken or beef.”

I guess it’s our fault that mouse-flavored cat food isn’t available but hopefully that will change. Purina, Iams – if you’re considering adding country mouse flavor to your cat food lineup, shoot me an email and I’ll gladly test it out for you. Another bonus: mouse flavored cat food could be cross-promoted with a pet’s edition of Eating the Enemy.

Update: Just stumbled upon this in Grist: “Your cat is a massive environmental hazard.” I think the mouse crusaders are behind the article.


Jilin’s Rime Ice and Snow Festival Includes A “Shoot Arrows At Live Roosters” Archery Booth.

Live roosters shot with arrows at Jilin Rime Ice Festival.Whether they’re consumed or not, using live roosters as targets is too much. The 20 year old Rime Ice and Snow Festival is an annual event that takes place near China’s largest ski resort and includes skiing, sledding and other wintertime activities. One of those activities is live-rooster archery and why it’s included is beyond me.

You could make the argument that the participants shooting arrows at live roosters strapped to ice are closer to their food than most people but sustenance isn’t the goal here – it’s live target practice and it’s just senseless and cruel. Hoax? I hope so. [RocketNews 24 (disturbing images)]


Lead Exposure Linked To High Violent Crime Rates, Low IQ’s And ADHD. What Will Be The Next Culprit?

A car spewing exhaust.Mother Jones posted a great article, “America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead,” about the correlation between increased lead exposure and high violent crime rates, low IQ scores and ADHD. Leaded paint was listed as one source but even more harmful was the leaded gasoline we used in our vehicles until 1996. The lead we spewed from our exhaust pipes pre-1996 is still in the fields our kids play on and becomes airborne when the warm weather dries the soil.

Makes me wonder about products we consume today – what are we going to find out next about the pesticides and plastics used to grow and deliver our food? Definitely check out the article. [Mother Jones]


Animal Planet’s ‘Eating The Enemy’ – Watch STRETCH Turn Invasive Species Into Flavorful Meals.

Animal Planet's Eating the Enemy.A good watch is the Animal Planet’s new show “Eating the Enemy.” The show’s premise is simple – send restaurant owner STRETCH into an area dealing with an invasive species (asian carp and wild boar) and he’ll develop a menu item using it. STRETCH doesn’t create the entree on his own; he meets with local chefs to discover the seasonings to use, helps catch the main course and then prepares a meal at a local restaurant hoping they’ll add it to their menu. In the first episode, STRETCH makes sliders using asian carp (or “Bayou bass”) as his main ingredient. I didn’t watch the second episode about hunting and preparing wild boars in Texas.

If you get a chance, check out “Eating the Enemy.” The show next airs on December 31st. A nice bonus of the show is that they cut to the chase and keep it to 30 minutes. [Animal Planet]


The Burgers At Bob’s Burger In Brazil Are So Good You Can Eat The Wrapper. People Eat The Wrapper.

Bob's Burger - So Good You Can Eat The Wrapper.

Tried to Google translate the burger wrapper but failed.

Whether customers of Bob’s actually consume the wrapper is not important. The idea of having an edible wrapper that not only holds the burger together but also reduces waste may be a good idea. Make the bag edible and it’s genius. [Laughing Squid]


Sorry Kids. All I Want For Christmas Is For You To NOT Build A Wasteful Gingerbread House This Year.

Gingerbread Millennium Falcon

Gingerbread Millennium Falcon

In the US, it sure seems like our end-of-year holidays are highlighted by waste. Halloween Jack O’ lanterns, Thanksgiving turkey (35% wasted) and once-living Christmas trees are all valued guests prior and during their respective holiday but become unwelcome squatters immediately following. That’s because they’re a symptom of our post-holiday hangover and helping them find the trash is the only cure.

Gingerbread House KitThat’s why Jubbling would like to add one more holiday item to the not list: the Gingerbread House. Here’s why:

  1. How many Gingerbread Houses have you built during Christmas?
  2. Of those, how many have you eaten completely?

If your first answer matched your second, we’re non-judgementally impressed. For most people though, the Gingerbread House might get picked clean of its Skittles, Red Vines, frosting and some roof but the remaining Gingerbread Slum will probably meet the garbage can soon after Christmas. We’ve been there and that’s why we’re NOT buying a Gingerbread House kit this year.

Destroyed Gingerbread HouseOf course we could still build and decorate an edible tiny home using graham crackers and homemade icing. Going small, without losing the festive-fun, is not a bad option.

But the Gingerbread House kit is out. I think we’ve disposed a lifetime’s worth of gingerbread in the last 10 years and it’s a good time to give up one wasteful habit.

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