‘Colourful Shit’ Project Aims To Show How Our Food Affects Our Poo.

Colorful Shit Project - Froot Loops editionWant to know what that food dye laden bowl of Froot Loops you’re about to eat looks like 30 hours later? Gabriel Morais wants to and will show you how much the food we ingest affects our body through his “Colourful Shit” project. Mr. Morais first photographs what he’s about to eat and then captures an image of what he poo’d out 30 – 36 hours later. For his project so far, he’s downed:

  • 9.9 lbs of beet root (turnaround time 36 hours).
  • 8.8 lbs of sweet corn (turnaround time 36 hours).
  • 7.7 lbs of Froot Loops (turnaround time 30 hours).

Want to see what 7.7 lbs of Froot Loops (aka Froot Poops) will look like 30 hours later? [Read more…]


UK’s Horsemeat Scandal Changes 6 in 10 Shopper’s Buying Habits. 30% Buy Less Processed Meats.

Which? Graphic:  6 in 10 changed their shopping habits because of the horsemeat scandal.A poll was conducted by Which? to gauge consumer confidence in the food industry in the wake of the UK’s horsemeat scandal. Here’s a summary of the poll results (from Which?):

“Consumer trust in the food industry has dropped by a quarter (24%) since the horsemeat scandal broke, a Which? survey has revealed. 30% of shoppers are now buying less processed meat and a quarter (24%) are buying fewer ready meals with meat in, or choosing vegetarian options.

Two thirds of people (68%) don’t think the government has been giving enough attention to enforcing labelling laws, with half of consumers (47%) not confident that ingredient information is accurate.

Confidence in food safety has also taken a hit. Before the scandal broke, nine in 10 felt confident when buying products in the supermarket. This has dropped to seven in 10.”

According to the Guardian, the horsemeat scandal has been a boon for meatless-meat producer Quorn:

“As sales of frozen burgers have tumbled amid further evidence of horsemeat in a range of meat products including ready meals, Quorn – the UK’s biggest vegetarian ready meal brand – said last week that it had seen sales growth more than double in the second half of February as shoppers snapped up its burgers, mince and sausages made from a form of fungus.”

I’m sure this change in consumer buying habits to non-meat meat products is the reaction most people expected.

On the plus side, other than some people gagging and a few hurling at the thought, there haven’t been any reports of people becoming ill by eating horsemeat. Another bonus of the horsemeat scandal: it’s kind of nice to hear that consumers are working down the food chain – hopefully most will stay there. [Guardian and Which?]


Upcycling A Pizza Box.

The Buzzfeed article states differently but I’m pretty sure these upcycled pizza box ideas assume you don’t have the cheese-grease stain that kept you from recycling the pizza box in the first place.

Pizza box cat bed

Pizza box cat bed (click on the image for instructions)

Pizza box solar-powered s'mores oven.

Pizza box solar-powered s'mores oven. (click on image for instructions)

Pizza box birds nest.

Pizza box birds nest. (click on the image for instructions)

Upcycled pizza box Battleship game.

Upcycled pizza box Battleship game. (click on the image for instructions)

What can you do with a cheese-grease stained pizza box? Rip-off and recycle the unstained lid and then save the lower cheese-greased section as a fire starter. Additional upcycled pizza box ideas are posted on Buzzfeed.


‘Free Range Bread Farm’ Commercial For Abbot’s Village Bakery.

Free Range Bread Farm - Abbott's Village BakeryThe Free Range Bread Farm commercial is a great way for Abbot’s Village Bakery to get their message out. The only tweak that may improve the Free Range Bread commercial would be narration by Sir David Attenborough. To keep it cheap, they could lift a narration from one of his already produced nature videos. [Laughing Squid]


UTEC’s Potable Water Generating Billboard.

UTEC, of Lima Peru, created a potable water generating billboard that works by grabbing atmospheric humidity from the air. Cool idea that unfortunately requires a crapload of hardware. I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to do this with less. Thanks E. [UTEC]


Medicated Fish? Anxiety Drugs Are Reaching Rivers And Affecting Fish Behavior.

Prozac fishing lureThe waste stream is getting a lot more interesting. In addition to pesticides, chemicals and other pollutants that leak through, sewage treatment plants may now have to contend with removing anti-anxiety medications during the treatment process because the drugs are reaching the fish and changing their behavior. Scientists at Umeå University in Sweden screened rivers for pharmaceuticals and found that oxazepam, a drug for treating anxiety, was accumulating in fish. From the research team leader, Tomas Brodin (Guardian):

“Normally, perch are shy and hunt in schools…. This is a known strategy for survival and growth. But those who swim in oxazepam became considerably bolder.”

The scientists fear that continuing to let medications reach fish populations could be evolutionarily damaging to their species. Their solution is to improve sewage treatment plants so they can filter out the drugs before they reach the water systems – “not to stop medicating people who need drugs such as oxazepam.”

I guess medicating humans is ok. Medicating fish – not ok. [Guardian]