Food Chain 101: Hawk Snatches Released Mouse YouTube Video.

This looks like a scene from a prank show and everyone is in on it except the mouse / shrew. [Boing Boing]


Plastic Microbeads No More: Unilever Will Phase Out Micro-Plastics From Their Facial Scrubs And Exfoliators.

Microbead Food ChainGood for Unilever – the makers of Dove soaps, Vaseline and Pond’s skin cream has decided to phase out slow-to biodegrade plastic microbeads from their products. Microbeads are used in Unilever produced facial scrubs and personal care products as an exfoliator. After use, the environmentally damaging microbeads enter the waste stream and eventually travel up the marine food chain. Here’s the statement from a Unilever’s website:

“The issue of plastics particles in the ocean is an important issue and we have reviewed the use of micro beads in our portfolio (both current products and those in the pipeline). We have decided to phase out the use of plastic micro beads as a ‘scrub’ material in all of our personal care products. We expect to complete this phase out globally by 2015.”

So what can you do now to avoid plastic microbeads in your facial scrub? According to Sue Kinsey of the Marine Conservation Society, you should read the label carefully and look for natural alternatives such as products that contain sand. [Guardian]


Sorry kids, we’re eating your science project tonight.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]There’s something to the whole eating bugs thing as long as People for the Ethical Treatment of Insects (PETI) are out of the way. Don Bugito’s Prehispanic Snackeria focus is mealworm larvae based foods that are high in protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Probably the most important advantage of eating mealworms is that they occupy a low rung of the food chain and so the energy transfer is not as wasteful as other animal based proteins. Another advantage is that for now, Don Bugito’s booth at the local food festival is going to have a shorter line.