Let Them Eat Caviar! Vending Machine Dispenses $500/Oz Caviar And Other Delicacies.

Beverly Hills Caviar vending machine.Beverly Hills Caviar’s vending machine doles out some high-end delicacies (caviar, escargot etc.) in select malls around Los Angeles. It’s probably more Jubbling to sell products via vending machine versus having a dedicated storefront but we just can’t pat BHC on the back for this beauty. That’s why we’re tweaking Jubbling a bit: for genuine Jubbling to exist, a product or idea needs to be attainable for more than just the 1%. [Boing Boing and Gizmag]


The Holiday Vegetable Loaf Was Tofurkying Up Thanksgiving Decades Before Tofurky!

Holiday Vegetable Loaf: The Mother of all Tofurkys.Who would’ve thought that working down the food chain and going veggie was happening long before it was cool. Not sure how quickly I’d pounce on this meatless Holiday Vegetable Loaf but I do like that it’s on a bed of mashed potatoes. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your leftovers – XO XO Jubbling. [Boing Boing]


Ttsongsul (Feces Wine): Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Gone Wrong.

Ttsongsul "Feces Wine"From RocketNews24:

“Ttsongsul, or ‘feces wine,’ is a Korean drink made by pouring soju, a distilled grain alcohol, into a pit filled with chicken, dog, or human feces, and leaving the mixture in the pit for three to four months until it ferments. It is then extracted from the pit and drank straight with the belief that it can cure illness and help in the aid of bone fractures.”

Ttsongsul (feces wine): latest addition to the Jubbling un-bucket list. [RocketNews24]


The Edible Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case.

Edible Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case.The Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case costs around $50 (US) and has a 76% chance of breaking when you attach it to your iPhone 5. Other than that, being able to eat your broken Japanese-cracker iPhone 5 case is a coup for Jubbling. [RocketNews via SmartPlanet]


WikiCell – The Food And Packaging You’re Supposed To Eat.

WikiCell Edible PackagingWikiCell wants to change the way food is delivered to consumers by creating edible packaging systems. Like a grape, future food will be encased in a skin made out of small particles of chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and held together by other natural and nutritious substances. Products that could be naturally packaged by WikiCells include juice, yogurt, ice cream and fruit (redundant?). I hope WikiCells edible skins do become a viable product and helps reduce the amount of wasteful packaging but the idea just seems too gimmicky;WikiCell Edible Food Packaging like something you’d get at an oxygen bar instead of packaging the food you’d buy to feed your family.

For now, buying in bulk as much as possible and preparing family meals with fewer processed ingredients is a good way to reduce the amount of food packaging you throw out. Also, look to the inspiration for WikiCells and rediscover naturally self-contained fruits and vegetables. [Fastco.Design]


What To Do With Your Jack O’ Lantern After Halloween.

Sad rotting Jack O' Lantern wishes he were a pie.

"Wish I were a pie."

In addition to sharing a short 3 week lifespan, Jack O’ Lanterns and Christmas trees also share a disposal problem. Once your pumpkin is carved, post Halloween uses for your Jack O’ Latern are limited. So we searched around to find simple alternatives to throwing your briefly-loved Jack O’ Lantern into the trash and here’s our list:

    1. Bury Jack: the easiest non-garbage option is to bury Jack somewhere in your yard.
    2. Compost Jack: cut him up first and then dump his remains in the compost bin.
    3. Pickle Jack’s rind: if it’s relatively fresh. (Not doing this.)
    4. Feed Jack to chickens: chickens would love to eat Jack. Give him to a neighbor with chickens or take him to a local farm.

Another option is to have your kids paint a face on the pumpkin, instead of carving, and then shine a light on it. When Halloween is over, you’ll have a non-rotting and intact pumpkin that the chef in your house can go nuts with preparing soups, desserts etc.