Jubbling’s Mustn’t Have Product Of The Week: Fujitsu’s Wandant Dog Pedometer.

Wandant Dog Pedometer from FujitsuFujitsu Wandant Dog PedometerWho’d buy this? It’s the Wandant Dog Pedometer from Fujitsu and it monitors and records your dog’s daily actions (walking, shivering etc.) so you can track how lazy or busy your fattening pooch has been. The data from the Wandant Dog Pedometer is automatically uploaded to the cloud and graphically displayed. Pet owners can add and track additional information including food volume, stool conditions and current weight using a diary feature on the website. Currently, the Wandant Dog Pedometer is only available in Japan.

At Jubbling, we never pass up an opportunity to help consumers consume less and here’s how you avoid the cloud-wasting unnecessary Wandant Dog Pedometer:

If your dog used to look like this…

Skinny Boxer Dog

…and now looks like this…

Fat Boxer Dog

…then you should probably cut back on how much you feed your dog and take him out for more walks. No need to waste cloud space, time (documenting poop) and money on a product that will graphically inform you that your embiggening dog isn’t active. Let your eyes tell you that your dog could drop a few pounds. [Crave]


Greenpeace Guide to Green Electronics

Greenpeace Guide to Green Electronics
The “Greenpeace Guide to Green Electronics” has been out for about a month and the latest release, timed for the CES Expo, follows the same direction as earlier releases. Gather data from publicly available sources, Corporate Responsibllity Reports etc., and put it in a USA Today’ish format that makes it easy to read. My issue with the Guide to Green Electronics is that the difference between “Partially Good” and “Partially Bad” is “Extremely Vague”. Dell Computer, for example, receives a “Partially Bad” rating of +1 even though from the information in the guide, Dell is moving in a direction of being BFR/PVC free. And is Microsoft really a bigger electronics polluter than Panasonic? You’ve seen their toilets – you be the judge.

I will always try to give Greenpeace the benefit of the doubt but it’s difficult to find value in their “Guide to Green Electronics” report. It’s based solely on publicly available information. This is not their forte and it shows. The only thing I could compare it to would be… um… if the CEA responded by rating Greenpeaces’ anti-whaling efforts based on information gleaned from the Discovery Channel.

Download the Greenpeace Guide to Green Electronics.