Kids Today Are Not That Motivated… To Own A Car Or Get A Driver’s License

Kids Don't Care To Drive Or Get Their LicenseThe NY Times and Sightline posted refreshing articles about a drive less trend with teenagers. The NY Times story covered how kids today are not only less interested in driving but even fewer are bothering to get their license; only 46% did in 2008 versus 64% in 1998. And Sightline went further by explaining how driving as a whole fell by 2% in 2011.

It’s gotten so bad that General Motors / Chevrolet has turned to MTV Scratch, a division of Viacom, to help improve their image with the around 20 crowd who’d rather social media than drive. The high price of gasoline and environmental concerns are other reasons why the kids aren’t driving and GM wants to reverse the pattern.

For Jubbling, the idea of public service extends beyond non-profits and we’d like to help General Motors and their Chevrolet line of vehicles by offering some FREE suggestions on marketing to the kids. Inspired by the programming on MTV, we’ve thrown together a couple ideas to improve the image of Chevy vehicles with the youth in this country:

Ride The “Sitch” Chevy Camaro
The Situation Camaro
This is a winner and solid gold with the young ladies. The “Ride The Sitch” Chevy Camaro will not only have the Situation’s mug on the driver’s door, but it should also have an air-brushed photo of his abs on the hood too.

16 and Pregnant Chevy Tahoe
Chevy Tahoe - 16 And Pregnant Edition
The Chevy Tahoe Sixteen and Pregnant edition can’t miss. It’s decorated with mugshots of past cast members and includes a suggestive, and yet classy, message offering to help people join the tv show.

GM is bound to get results with these complimentary marketing ideas from Jubbling. No, we’re not trying to chase their potential market away from these vehicles with poor fuel economy numbers. The Generation Z kids like to think for themselves and the repellant marketing approach is the most effective way to reach them. Good luck!


Why Did GM Build The Chevy Volt? Because They Were “Gagging” On The Deification Of Toyota For Building The Prius

Robert Lutz, Former Chairman of GM and the Chevy VoltI love it when executives take off the gloves and speak their mind – in this case, it’s Robert Lutz, the former Vice Chairman of General Motors. Mr. Lutz spearheaded GM’s development of the Chevy Volt and for the article in the SF Chronicle, The Chevy Volt’s unlikely father, he didn’t mince words when it came to describing what finally motivated GM to pursue their hybrid Volt: “Basically, it was born out of frustration at the deification of Toyota, because of the Prius.”

According to Mr. Lutz, the Prius has elevated its status to the point that consumers might mistakenly assume Toyota was only in it for benevolent purposes and cared less for profits than their positive impact on the environment. “I was gagging on this stuff, because it was all so patently untrue”, said Mr. Lutz.

It’s great to hear that competition can be a driving factor even though it seems to run counter to our ideas about sustainability and conservation. Maybe a competition to consume less is next. [SF Chronicle]


Why Would US Auto Dealers Object To Higher MPG Standards?

I have been struggling with this story for a couple of days now – Reuters posted an article, U.S. auto dealers fight Obama fuel rules, and I can’t figure out why auto dealers would be opposed. Maybe they didn’t like how President Obama was able to push these higher fuel standards, a fleet average of 54.5 mpg by 2025, on the industry in a way no politician has been able to in the past. Or maybe the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) truly believe that the new fuel standards are going to drive the cost of cars up too high for price sensitive car shoppers.

But that doesn’t seem accurate. Any possible car price increase is going to be immediately made up by consuming less fuel with more efficient vehicles. And according to a study by Maritz Research for Ford Motor Company, 42% of the people polled said that fuel economy was an “extremely important” factor in driving new car purchases.

Jubbling’s take: We really don’t care if the automakers or NADA are behind the objection to the new standards but we are sick of the foot dragging, politicizing and special interesting of every decision like this. We felt the same way about the clowns who were part of the whole “Light Bulb Freedom” thing. Sure the Big 3 really didn’t enjoy being held over a rail, nearly bankrupt and in need of bailout money when they agreed to these new standards because they’re used being the ones holding the cards in negotiations with the Dept. of Transportation about fuel efficiency targets. Not only is this no longer the case, but now they also get to deal with the EPA.

So who wouldn’t want to get more MPG’s out of their car? Nobody. So lets move forward with this golden opportunity to mandate higher MPG standards that will benefit future generations. It shouldn’t be a political issue because it’s really about common sense and unfortunately, common sense is not a deep-pocketed special interest group.


Reality Sucks Advertisement From General Motors

General Motor’s Reality Sucks ad showing the cyclist shielding his face in embarrassment for cycling instead of driving is pretty funny. What isn’t captured or explained in the ad is that the cyclist is wearing crotchless biking pants and the woman in the car is his mother. So don’t get upset cyclists, here’s your motivation to bike more and you can thank General Motors for that. Stop Pedaling and Start Driving Advertisement From General Motors
Stop Pedaling And Start Driving