RayFish Footwear Stingray Shoes: If You Can Afford It, You Can Consume It. ‘Should You?’ Never Considered.

RayFish Footwear’s custom $1800 sneaker idea sucks on many levels. Here’s how the sucking happens:

  1. Choose a shoe design/style.
  2. Choose stingrays by color and/or pattern.
  3. RayFish Footwear will combine their DNA to create a blended design.
  4. Wait for genetically altered stingrays to mature.
  5. RayFish Footwear will harvest the stingrays and make your custom shoes.

But the suckaging doesn’t stop there. Even RayFish Footwear’s slogan, “one fish, one shoe,” seems to be a play on TOMS Shoe’s “One for One”.

By coining One fish, one shoe, RayFish Footwear wants you to believe they are doing something sustainable; like it’s a “farm-to-table” situation as pointed out in the FastCo.Design article. But there’s nothing edible or local about their stingray shoes – they’re just crazy-expensive, unnecessary fashion statements that are made in Thailand for people that have more money than sense.

So no, RayFish shoes are not a parody taken from the SkyMaul catalog. The true joke, though, is the dumbass who’ll pay $1800 for these f’d up shoes. [FastCo.Design]