Senator Jim Inhofe Is Our Cymbal-Playing Performer Of The Week.

Senator Jim Inhofe:  The Cymbal Playing Monkey In The RoomSome people thrive on negative attention. Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma is perfect example. His irrational effort to hoaxify global warming and climate change is fact-defying and all part of his performance to frustrate the movement. Inhofe is a fossil-fuel bought bad guy who welcomes the boos because he knows he’ll never get the cheers.

At a recent Senate committee meeting on the environment and public works, Sen. Inhofe got on his soap-box again and acted like an industry-tool. He continued with his climate change denying message while pushing for more drilling. George Monbiot of the Guardian wrote about how protecting the environment will always hit a wall as long as politicians, like Inhofe, are in the back-pocket of corporations.

Angry looking Stay Puft Marshmallow ManWe feel like any effort to limit what corporations and PACs can give to members of congress will never succeed. That’s why Jubbling has decided to fight back by going Inhofe-free for the next 30 60 days. We realize now that he’s kind of like the Stay Puft marshmallow man from the Ghostbusters movie and gets stronger from negative energy. If we all ignore Inhofe’s message, he’ll lose his power.

So, sorry Senator Inhofe but Jubbling’s done with you. Our feeling is that if we don’t react to your brand of sponsored crazy, you won’t be of any value to the folks feeding your re-election coffers. Without funding, you’ll go away. [Guardian]

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Guitar And iPhone Amplifiers Made Out Of Hungry Hungry Hippos Game, Ghostbusters Thermos Etc.

Hungry Hungry Hippos iPhone Speaker

Hungry Hungry Hippos iPhone Speaker

Robert Brenne can turn just about anything into a guitar or iPhone/iPod amplifier. His website, Artistic Amplification,

[youtube width=”225″ height=”169″][/youtube]

is loaded with previous amp projects and current ones that are available for sale. His guitar amplifiers for sale are built into a cigar box, Japaneses vase and a duck sculpture. iPhone/iPod speakers are also available and incorporated into a Super Nintendo console, Jack Daniels tin and a Ghostbusters 2 lunchbox.

Each amplifier produces a unique sound based on what it’s built into. Cool idea that could be big with street musicians. [Wired]