Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp: Turn Any Empty Bottle Into A Lamp.

The Satechi Touch USB-powered LED lamp lets the reuser change their lamp to match their mood and/or incorporate the empties they have lying around. Not only does the $25 Satechi Touch make a great gift but it’s also a nice way to reassign your recyclables. [Gizmodo]


No Green Father’s Day So Please, No Bamboo Underwear.

Organic Velour Bamboo UnderwearYes, bamboo-based fabric might be the next big thing in sustainable clothing and the fact that the OBV bamboo boxer/briefs look pre-stained is a definite plus. But I don’t think getting $20 bamboo underwear for Father’s Day is making a good, green statement. Not getting anything is a more Jubbling way to go.

So thanks for nothing. I insist. [Mothergoose Designs]


Lulu Wraps Reusable Gift Wrap May Be Appreciated More Than The Crappy Gift You’re Wrapping

The amount of gift wrap we go through every year is nuts. According to, 1/2 of the paper we consume each year is for gift wrap and decorations for consumer products and 2 billion trees need to be cut down in order to support our bad habit. The numbers seem high but the fact is, gift wrap is extremely temporary and wasteful. Lulu Wraps That’s why it’s nice to hear about companies like Lulu Wraps. Lulu Wraps out of Portland Oregon makes reusable fabric wraps and their wrapping solutions are inspired by traditional cloth wraps from Japan (furoshiki), Korea (bogaji) and Indonesia (buntelan or pundutan). Lulu Wraps are made from several different types of fabric including organic cotton, hemp/silk, vintage sari fabric and designer remnants. A nice side benefit of Lulu Wraps is that in addition to working as gift wrap, they can also be folded and used year-round as lunch or tote bags.

Check out Lulu Wraps website for ideas and to order product.

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Jubbling Holiday Tip: Wrap “Good” Gifts In Clothes

Here is a post from 2009. It was such a hit (3 or 4 people read it) that we had to bring it back.

Clothing Gift Wrap

(Bow Is Optional)

Everyone with kids knows about the traditional holiday reaction to clothes. If you are lucky, you’ll get a sigh, a toss and your kid will move on. If you are unlucky you’ll have a holiday full of tears and your threats to return everything. We’ve all been there and now Jubbling has a solution – Clothing Gift Wrap. Clothing gift wrap is simple and only requires you to wrap your kids presents in the clothes you buy them.

The result is your kids will stand anxiously around the tree and say things like “that’s my reindeer sweater” or “those are my bunny jammies” and you’ll be Jubbling by avoiding the normal process of gift wrapping clothing and putting a bow on something they’ll hate.