Climate Inaction Is Like A Global Ponzi Scheme That Is Paid Into By Future Generations.

Before and After: Tar sands extraction

Uncle Charlie (Ponzi) would be so proud.

There’s a great article, “Global Ponzi Scheme Revisited: How Climate Inaction Betrays Our Children And Future Generations,” by Joe Romm on ThinkProgress. From the article:

“Fundamentally, homo ‘sapiens’ sapiens has constructed the grandest of Ponzi schemes, whereby current generations have figured out how to live off the wealth of future generations. We are all in essence Bernie Madoffs (many wittingly, most not) or at least his most credulous clients.”

It’s an update to an article Mr. Romm wrote in 2009 and the comparison is still spot on. Another powerful quote from the article:

“Madoff is reviled as a monster for targeting charities. We are targeting our own children and grandchildren and on and on. What does that make us?”

[Think Progress]


BBC One’s Africa Series Exaggerates Climate Change: 35 Years To Increase Temps By 3.5C – Not 20.

BBC One's Africa series.Here’s what narrator and presenter Sir David Attenborough states in the BBC One’s Africa series:

“Africa’s climate is certainly changing. Some parts of the continent have become 3.5C hotter in the past 20 years.”

Well it turns out the numbers they used could not be substantiated and overestimate the effects of climate change in that part of Africa. Since the 3.5C in 20 claim was disputable, the BBC has pulled the comment from the series.

It’s great that the BBC made the correction but I’m still wondering why they would risk their credibility and go with 20 years versus 35. Stating that temperatures in parts of Africa have increased by 3.5C over 35 years is still powerful. Exaggerating – that the realm of deniers. [Guardian]


Going Beyond ‘Icky’: Earthworms Contribute To Global Warming.

Earthworms - Enemy of the EnvironmentWhen you think of climate change, it’s easy to point the finger at the burning of fossil fuels, Koch Bros, and Jim Inhofe. But earthworms? Yep – according to a new study posted in, our subterranean and planet sharing earthworms are contributing to global warming by increasing the release of greenhouse gases. Researchers from Holland, Columbia and the US found that earthworms increase nitrous oxide emissions by 42% and carbon dioxide emissions by 33% when compared to earthworm-free soil.

Sorry earthworms but we have to put a dent in your greenhouse-gas producing population; we’ll have to figure out how to eat you or we’ll go on more fishing trips. We’re in a tough spot. If we don’t reduce your population – the fossil fuel industry, Koch Bros and Jim Inhofe’s are going to blame you for global warming rather than taking responsibility for their own actions. Yes, earthworms have been making the soil more fertile for eons and your greenhouse-gas emissions are just a byproduct of that effort but when excuses are made and blame is passed by climate change deniers, you’ll be at the top of the list. [Inhabitat]


Climate Change Is A Long Term Trend And Not A Reflection Of This Week’s Weather Forecast.

Global surface temperature warming trends.Sticking your head out the window in January and feeling the cold is not the way to determine if climate change is real or not. Climate change and global warming can not be measured in a week or day; it’s a long term trend and not a short term variation. My kids are growing but I don’t see it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – climate change follows the same pattern.

Grist posted “How to respond to people who say the cold weather disproves global warming” about how you can meet the objections of the most frequent “head out the window” denier arguments regarding this issue. The article includes video that perfectly explains the difference between trends and variations:

If you want additional information to support your view of a warming planet, check out the article.

How do I debate the climate change issue with a denier? I don’t – I just listen. Somebody smarter than me once told me that “it takes a fool to argue with a fool” and I’ve taken that to heart. Whenever the topic of climate change / global warming comes up, I don’t waste my time trying to change a denier’s mind; deniers have to arrive there on their own. I truly believe arguing over facts to prove my point will only push climate deniers further away from where they need to be. [Grist]


Air Pollution In Beijing Hits Level ‘Crazy’: The Hard-To-Hide Cost Of China’s Technological Revolution.

Air pollution in Beijing China off the charts.

“What an awful ‘welcome’ back to Beijing it is, never seen it so bad. My apartment is on the 22nd floor and at times I can’t see the ground below the smog is so thick. Think I might take up smoking to get some fresh air.”
– Balmerino comment on “Top tip if you’re going out in Beijing: don’t breathe”

This last weekend, air quality instruments measuring lung-damaging tiny particulate matter (PM2.5) in Beijing went nuts and reached 600 micrograms per square meter (MPSM) – and it’s expected to go higher! According to the World Health Organization, 25 MPSM is considered a safe level.

We all have a role in Beijing’s crazy air pollution and we’ll all have to share the results. It’s the not-so hidden cost of China’s economic growth spurred by consumers around the world. [Guardian]


2012 Was Hottest Year Ever In The United States.

State of the Climate - NCDC and NOAAWe’re #1? Hardly. Breaking the warmest yearly temperature record is not one that we should be proud of and hopefully, it won’t be a record we break every year. From e360:

“In its annual State of the Climate Report, NOAA said the average temperature during the year was 55.3 degrees F, about 3.2 degrees warmer than the 20th century average and 1 degree warmer than the previous high, recorded in 1998.”

The United States’ record breaking warm 2012 wasn’t isolated to one season – it was spread out over the fourth warmest winter (bronze), second warmest summer (silver) and the warmest spring ever recorded (gold). Check out the full State of the Climate Report from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. [e360]