$5 Per Gallon Gas Is A Reality In California.

$5 per gallon gasoline hits California.Nowhere in the Bloomberg article, “California Facing $5 Gasoline Stirs Brown to Relax Rules,” did it mention the idea of Californians driving less to help people offset the cost of $5/gallon gasoline. Governor Jerry Brown is relaxing air quality rules so refineries can produce more cheap fuel and getting gas from out-of-state suppliers is great for maintaining consumption but what leaders in CA really need to do is encourage their citizens to consume less or take mass transit. Whether you drive a hybrid or monster truck, drive less or $6/gallon will be the next benchmark. If they don’t drive less, they’ll be telling their kids stories about the good ol’ days when gas cost $5/gallon… 2 months prior. [Bloomberg]


Google’s Self-Driving Cars Are Now Legal On California’s Roads.

Google Autonomous CarThis is a good thing, making the autonomous Google car street legal in California, right?

Google’s autonomous cars operate through the use of computers, lasers and sensors allowing the driver to be a passenger. The goal of the Google car is to improve safety, reduce congestion, and improve fuel efficiency. Sounds like mass transit… less the computers, lasers, sensors and having another vehicle on the road. [Inhabitat]

Jubbling: Consuming less should be less consuming.