Shell Oil’s Arctic Drilling Rig Tulluk Breaks Free And Floats Amok.

Shell Oil’s Arctic drilling rig Tulluk broke free of it’s tow line and is now aground on a shoreline 50-miles south of Kodiak Alaska. Eighteen crew members were rescued from the Tulluk and the concern now is making sure the tanks holding 150,000 gallons of lubricating oil and fuel don’t leak.

It’s great to hear the crew members were saved but holy crap – didn’t the folks behind the spoof #ShellFAIL video predict that something bad would happen if Shell drilled in the Arctic? I sure hope Shell has a solid plan for cleaning up spills in areas that are this geographically isolated. [NY Times GB]


‘Greenest’ President Bowl Final Score: Republicans (Pre)Own Democrats 46.5 – 24.5.

Fake Richard Nixon protesting the Keystone XL pipeline.If Republican Richard Nixon were alive and President today, we’d be a country awash in ‘green’ where fracking would just be an almost swear word and the Keystone pipeline would refer to your beer bong and have nothing to do with tar sands oil from Canada. [Read more…]


Greenpeace Used Facebook To Get Facebook To Stop Using Coal Power

At Greenpeace headquarters…Greenpeace Over Facebook
…at Facebook.Facebook benefits from Greenpeace "Boycott" or is it a Boynott?We posted an article about this back in Feb 2011 but it looks like Greenpeace is happy now that Facebook is moving toward renewable energy to drive their data centers and unfriending coal. And who knows, maybe the Rainbow Warrior Powered By Facebook is around the corner. But what gets me is how this was a reverse boycott – kind of a boynott – where Greenpeace and thousands of their supporters pushed for Facebook to make this change by using Facebook which in turn, consumed more coal-powered electricity.

It’s interesting that this worked or did it? Maybe now, Facebook will piss off more people by dropping a deuce on their causes in order to drive more traffic to the site. Mark Zuckerberg might go on a elephant hunting trip with the GoDaddy CEO and drive even more activity on Facebook when people use his site to protest his actions. What a dilemma – finding new ways to create controversy and generate more traffic. (A couple quick suggestions: “Facebook for Bachmann” or “Facebook Presents Family Planning Corner with the Duggars.”)

Imagine if all the groups that oppose Walmart decided to send them a message by telling people to shop there and let them know what they didn’t like about their practices. Walmart would make some changes but whenever they needed a spike in revenue, they could release new information about something else they’re doing bad in the world.

So maybe next time, Greenpeace and like organizations that are not happy with Facebook will encourage their members to remove their profiles from the site in protest instead of spiking their traffic and benefiting Facebook. As I concluded in my previous post about GP and FB, a true boycott is not likely to happen but it sure seems like a better way to send the message.


Cow Dung To Project Moonshot: From The Mind Of HP’s Chandrakat Patel

Cow Dung Powered Data Center Sketch - Chandrakat had another interesting article and this one was about the rise of Chandrakat Patel at Hewlett Packard. What’s different about this story is that Mr. Patel’s success has more to do with capturing and converting the dung when a cow goes plop than it has to do with gigaflops. HP? Crap catchers? Not completely. What Mr. Patel is doing is looking at how to create it and conserve energy at the data center level.

Creating power is where the cows come in. The image drawn by Mr. Patel at the top kind of explains it all. The data centers alone do not run hot enough to drive a generator but they do produce enough heat to get the manure kicking out some good methane. The methane would then be used to power the data center. Very simple.

Next is conserving power and that would be the job of HP’s Project Moonshot. Project Moonshot wants to change the data center of today by moving away from bigger servers with multiple chips and faster processors to smaller servers that are driven by thousands of low-power processors. Basically, they want to use many ants to do the work of a Goliath beetle. From the article:

“HP Labs and Mr. Patel thinks its Project Moonshot servers will use 94 percent less space than the servers you typically see in data centers and they’ll burn 89 percent less energy.”

Whether they’re getting their energy from clean or dirty sources, data centers are huge consumers of electricity. According to a report from Greenpeace, data centers consume 1.5 – 2% of all electricity produced worldwide and they’re growing at rate of 12% per year (PDF); as consumers of power, data centers rank 5th in the world.

The Jubbling is as obvious as our inability to write about techie stuff. Hopefully ideas like Mr. Patels and HP’s Project Moonshot can help data centers run more efficiently and maybe reverse their energy consumption trend. []


Thought Different. Steve Jobs, 1956 – 2011

Thought Different - Steve JobsEveryone has a hero and to some, that person may be Steve Jobs. For Jubbling, Mr. Jobs was not a hero but instead somebody who inspired us to think differently. Rather than maintaining status quo, he always seemed to look beyond it and then let others try to imitate and follow. I guess you could say that when everyone was zigging, he chose to zag.

Yes, you could point out Greenpeace’s effort to make the company Mr. Jobs founded more environmentally responsible. But today, we’d like to focus on the think differently. We hope to move forward and continue seeing through the obvious zigs to find a zag when it comes to sustainability and consuming less.


Greenpeace and Green Celebrities Aligning To Encourage Facebook To Power Data Center With Renewable Energy… Via Facebook (Again) has a post, “Celebrities Tell Facebook to Ditch Coal”, about a new push to get Facebook to move out of its mostly coal powered data center into one that uses an increased level of renewable energy. We wrote about this issue back in September 2010 when it was just Greenpeace leading the effort. But now, green celebrities are taking to Facebook and asking people to join the push too. Here is a video from Ed Begley and his wife, Rachelle Carson regarding the issue:

[youtube width=”360″ height=”250″][/youtube]
Ed and Rachelle definitely practice what they preach and do not back away from confronting any and all environmental issues. After reading many articles about them, it’s easy to make a guess on where they’re going to stand. This example, pushing Facebook to abandon their Oregon data center in favor of one that is fully or partially driven by renewable energy sources, is no big surprise.

Jubbling gets it but for some reason, we’re having a hard time making sense of it. We had the same problem with this back when Greenpeace stood up against the new Facebook data center because in both cases, they’re taking their protest to Facebook. It’s kind of like driving a gas guzzling car cross country to protest the fact that there are too many gas guzzling cars. Think about it. Maybe making a stronger statement would be to leave Facebook in mass in order to make your statement; I’m sure MySpace would appreciate this.

Anyway, I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg is listening too closely. I’ve seen The Social Network and Mr. Zuckerberg probably loves seeing the spike in activity; positive or negative but always on Facebook. What he would be more apt to understand and respond to is watching users leaving his site to protest what Facebook is doing. That would require a commitment from the celebrities involved and I don’t think they’d be able to stomach that move.