China Wants To Frack Like The US. For China’s Groundwater It’s Going To Get Fracking Ugly.

Fracking in China.China doesn’t have the best reputation for choosing environmental concerns over economic benefits and that is why its citizens should be worried about expanded fracking. The problem with fracking is that it occurs out-of-sight and underground, without enforced protections, and the gain of capturing natural gas is so huge for the power hungry nation. The Guardian posted “China planning ‘huge fracking industry'” that discusses why the move toward less polluting natural gas and away from coal is so important for China and how the move will adversely impact groundwater.

Currently, China generates 70% of their electricity from coal. Replacing coal and fracking up natural gas would cut China’s greenhouse gas emissions in half but there is still a hidden cost. Here’s a quote from the article:

“An unidentified source at China’s Ministry of Land Resources told Caixin that as shale gas development accelerates the government will likely introduce specific environmental policies to address fracking, such as groundwater protection. But these are not likely to be legally binding, an industry source told the publication.”

Pre-fracked groundwater in 57 percent of China’s 660 cities has already been declared polluted and it’s only going to get worse. The economy holds sway over the environment and it’s too easy to conceal the groundwater contaminating effects of fracking fluids. [The Guardian]