Best Part Of The World’s Most Expensive Dog Wedding Was Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Calling It Insane!

Thank you Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. You successfully pooped on the World’s Most Unnecessary Wasteful Expensive Dog Wedding! [Laughing Squid]


Sorry Kids But You’re Not Done Until You’ve Eaten The Baguette Table

Bagette Table  Studio RygalikMade out of stale baguettes, the Baguette Table by Gosia and Tomek Rygalik was created in the Vienna Design Week Laboratory and puts normally discarded food to use. Here’s the back story of Studio Rygalik’s art project:

Food thrown away in Vienna could feed half of the population of Graz [Austria]. The art project’s aim was to start a discussion about food waste. It was also to show that the materials to build from are all around us. The tables were made from stale baguettes that were supposed to be thrown away.

Guiness World Records - Largest Bowl of SoupNow if we could get a couple Baguette Tables in the same room as the largest bowl of soup, we might have an amazing Reese’s moment.

For more information about food waste, check out Jonathan Bloom’s [Treehugger]