LED Light ‘Stick Man’ Halloween Costume Is The Jubblingest! [Video]

So much to like about the “Baby LED light suit Halloween costume” that Visual Burrito made for his 22-month old daughter. From YouTube

  1. It’s original.
  2. It uses energy efficient LED light strips.
  3. It can be reused and extended as his daughter grows.
  4. When she’s done with it, the LED light strips can be used in the home.

Finally, a Halloween costume that will end up as a home lighting fixture. [TO]


Nyan Cat: A Jubbling Halloween Costume

Nyan Cat or Pop-Tart Cat Halloween CostumeMy son Harrison always finds a way to be happy and his Halloween costume choice this year is a perfect example. He chose Nyan Cat which is basically a cat with a pink pop-tart body and flies through space with a rainbow trail. Nyan Cat built a dedicated following as an internet meme but in my mind, Nyan Cat was a Jubbling Halloween Costume idea that took about an hour to make with stuff we would normally recycle or throw out. An Amazon box for the body, leftover streamers for the rainbow and a rope recovered from a broken cat toy so Harrison can wear the costume around his neck.

Harrison loved the costume and so did the few people who knew about the pop-tart cat. Unfortunately, more people thought he was a little girl than knew who his character was and that is my bad; I forgot to break out the Flowbee.

Here’s the video of Nyan Cat in action and the soundtrack you’ll hear was running through Harrison’s head the entire time he wore the costume.

[youtube width=”360″ height=”270″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH2-TGUlwu4[/youtube]


Need A Jubblinged Halloween Costume For Your Kid?

Vicious Koala Costume
Skip the Transformers or Yo Gabba Gabba! costume at the mall and head over to instructables halloween stat! Our new favorite instructable shows you how you can turn any cute and huggable stuffed animal your kid already owns into a blood thirsty predator costume.


National Halloween Costume Swap Day Is October 8

National Halloween Costume Swap Out DayIf you’re in need of a Halloween costume or just want to donate an old costume, check out the list of locations in your area that are part of the National Costume Swap Day. It’s set for Saturday, October 8.

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