Not Much To See Here… Just A Samsung T9000 Refrigerator With An Unnecessary 10-Inch LCD On It.

Samsung T9000 RefrigeratorInstead of focusing on how, maybe Samsung could’ve spent more time thinking about why would anyone need a 10″ LCD touchscreen on their refrigerator. It’s the brand new Samsung T9000 (no relation to the Cyberdyne T1000) and one of its options is an internet connected 10″ LCD touchscreen. Now I could be kicked until I agreed that the 10″ LCD was remotely useful for following recipes and building shopping lists but photo sharing and accessing apps on an unmovable fridge? Don’t we already have enough portable devices that do the same thing? [Gizmag]


Ariel Rojo’s Pig Lamp Requires Energy-Saving Corkscrew CFL Light Bulb For Its Tail.

Ariel Rojo designed Pig LampThe ceramic Pig Lamp from Ariel Rojo doesn’t want to be considered an energy hog and that’s why its tail has to be a low-power consuming corkscrew CFL light bulb. At $88, the Pig lamp is out of my price range but its Jubbling sentiment is undeniable. [Gizmodo]


NanoLight: Folded, Omnidirectional LED Light Bulb That Produces 100W Of Light From 12W Of Power.

NanoLight 100 watt equivalent LED light bulbThe NanoLight LED looks like a cyborg-Edison style light bulb and kind of works like one by producing 100 watts of light from 12 watts of power. Developed by three friends who met at the University of TorontoGimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger and Christian Yan – the folded NanoLight LED hits the 100 watt (1600 lumens) threshold and still has an estimated lifespan of 30,000 hours by more efficiently dissipating the heat LED’s produce at higher wattages. The NanoLight 100 W equivalent LED light bulb is expected to sell for around $50. NanoLight is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter.

Even though I wouldn’t be a customer for this brighter model, it’s great to see that a company is working toward a 100 W equivalent LED. [Gizmag]


The MeterPlug Tracks How Much Electricity You Consume By Appliance.

The MeterPlug app screenshot.The MeterPlug is an energy tracking adapter that sits in between an electrical outlet and your appliances. Once connected, the MeterPlug lets you monitor your appliance’s power consumption data in real time and gives you the ability to turn off appliances that are not in use via the MeterPlug app. Using the app, the makers of the MeterPlug determined that a 50″ Sony LED TV consumed a nutty $18.25 worth of electricity in standby mode.

The MeterPlug is currently on fundraising site Indiegogo. [GigaOM]


Turning On The Rima LED Light Is Like Opening A Curtain. May Be The Coolest LED Light I Can’t Afford.

The Rima light has 56 LEDs and was designed by Matthias Pinkert for the German lighting company Dreipuls. The Rima light lets the user slide its 4 rings, like opening a curtain, to adjust and create the perfect amount of light for their application.

Unfortunately great design does come with a price – the Rima sells for approx $2400 (US). Looks like I’ll be sticking with the “Bite Me” edible LED light until the Rima reaches economies of scale. [Fast Co.Design]


Need To Add A Room To Your House? Build A Treehouse/Cabin Room Within A Room.

Architect Terri Chiao wanted to live in a open-floor loft apartment. In order to afford the rent, Ms. Chiao knew that she would need roommates but she didn’t want to and separate rooms with light-blocking walls within her apartment. Her solution was simple: construct a private cabin and treehouse living space within her open loft.

Ms. Chiao’s affordable “room within a room” solution could work for anyone who needs more private living space and doesn’t want to knock down walls to build an addition. This would work out great for my boys too – they currently share a bedroom. [Fair Companies]

Cardboard Box Living Space

"Don't worry kids; the dog has 24 hours to vacate."