Family Of 4 Lives In 168 Sq. Ft. House And Seems Pretty Happy

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Anderson Cooper profiled a family that lives in a home with a 168 sq. ft. footprint. After closing their restaurant in 2008, Carl and Hari needed to downsize their lives. They moved from a 1500 sq. ft. home into their current “tiny” house that only cost them $12,000 to build. Thanks to their home’s small size, their expenses have also dropped (average power bill is around $40/month) and this allows Hari to bank her paycheck each month. Their goal is to save enough to make their next home mortgage free.

I’d be all in to go this “tiny” house route and I’m sure my wife would encourage me to build it. When it was completed, she wouldn’t move in but she would strongly encourage me to. [MNN]


Aktiv Prefab Homes From IKEA And Ideabox

Aktiv prefab home from Ideabox and IKEANo instructions required because the prefabricated home designed by Ideabox of Portland will come pre-assembled with its permanent furnishings from IKEA. The Aktiv manufactured home will be 745 sq. ft. and include the kitchen, flooring, counter tops and fixtures you’ve checked out when you visited IKEA but could never figure out how to incorporate into your current home. Aktiv home with IKEA bathroom It’ll be priced around $86,500 and include energy saving appliances and other cost-saving features like dual-flush toilets.

It makes sense for IKEA to jump into the prefab home market. Buyers will surely be offered the full-meal deal (furniture, bedding etc.) so their final Aktiv home will end up looking like an IKEA showroom. I think that’s good. [SmartPlanet]