The Bone House In Texas Is More Jubbling Than We’ll Ever Be.

I’m not sure I’d want to live in The Bone House but the Jubbling is undeniable. Built by Dan Phillips and his team from Phoenix Commotion, The Bone House is constructed out of normally discarded CD’s, lumber, mirror pieces, bottle caps, grocery bags and of course bones. It’s part of Mr. Phillips’ effort to build low income housing out of trash. Throughout the video, you’ll hear a cat interrupting the interview by meowing. Obviously the cat has no idea how close it is to being incorporated into the house. [Fair Companies]


Ok, Maybe We Shouldn’t Blindly Accept All High Walk Scores As Good…

Live Here Walk To Walmart & is a useful tool and eco favorite that helps people figure out how walkable their next home, apartment or condo is before they sign the papers. Not sure the walk score for this location is one that wants to highlight. [tcd]


Are Homes Built Out Of Shipping Containers Truly Jubbling?

Six Oaks:  Shipping container vacation homeHomes made out of re-purposed shipping containers are all the rage now and getting the same love as the small homes in the tiny house movement. But are they Jubbling?

Shipping container home - Redondo BeachYes, they are Jubbling because these homes reuse retired shipping containers in place of new materials. Shipping containers are pest & fire resistant and virtually indestructible. But also “No” because in some recent examples, there’s nothing minimal about homes built out of shipping containers.

Inhabitat posted an article about Six Oaks (top picture) – a shipping container vacation home in California that was built by Modulus. According to the article, Six Oaks was built to:

“To minimize grading and site impact, the home’s footprint was designed to fit within the topography…”

So I’m starting to think the problem is with me and my jealous expectation that a shipping container vacation home to look like the one below and not the stacked beauties above that put my own house to shame. Home built out of shipping container - TaiwanHopefully, the people that build and live/vacation in shipping container homes don’t use a “greener than thou” attitude as an excuse to go bigger and construct a container-McMansion. Jubbling loves it when people build with re-purposed materials but we’re also rooted in the idea of consuming less. [Inhabitat]


“Let Them Eat Cake”…While I Watch A Movie In My Mercedes SUV Parked In My 10th Floor Heated Garage

200 Eleventh Avenue Condo with ParkingIf you’re trying to find that fine line between excess and sustainable, this story makes it much easier. The condominiums at 200 Eleventh Avenue were designed to give that suburban feel to their owners by allowing them to park their vehicles just steps away from their upper floor units. Basically, drive your car into a jumbo sized elevator and when you hit your floor, drive off and park it in the heated 300 sq. ft. garage next to your condo. It’s estimated that the parking space with a Manhattan view alone would cost $800,000.

Jubbling could run wild with this story but we’ve opted not to. The story and the unsustainable idea that “if you can afford it, you can consume it” speaks for itself. [Treehugger and NYTimes]