Mini Electric Hummer Is Maxi Unnecessary.

Mini Electric Hummer by Prindiville.Who would purchase an electric powered, $40,000 mini-Hummer? I think I know – a person with $40k burning a hole in their pocket who wants their full-sized Hummer to have a soon-to-be neglected sibling. I guess it could also become a beast golf cart. [Wired]


Thank You Toyota Prius: My Kids Now Think I’m A Hypermiling, Eco-Hipster.

Hybrid Driving Lessons Toyota PriusBefore I go any further, I want to point out that I’ve been called much worse than a hypermiling, eco-hipster. Even when it comes from my kids, the name doesn’t bother me. That’s because I know the problem is with the Prius. The car pushes me each time I drive it to improve my driving technique by informing me of my MPGs at the end of each trip. Stepping on the gas too firmly and I activate the gas engine; ease into motion and I can stay electric.

Another thing I know is that the name calling will not be limited to inside our car – it’s sure to come from outside too. The Prius is kind of a lightning rod vehicle that is viewed with the same, but bizarro, contempt as the Hummer. The South Park episode, Smug Alert, is a perfect example and pokes fun at self-righteous Prius/hybrid drivers. And as much as I tell people “I’m not one of them,” it’s still guilt by ownership.

So kids, keep working on new material. I’ve got thick skin. I promise not to embarrass you by holding up traffic but I am still more apt to drive like a retiree than a teen. By the way: calling me a “hipster” anything only encourages me.


Congressman Allen West Of Florida Is Not Happy That It Costs $70 To Fill-Up His H3 Hummer

Congressman Allen West is not happy it costs $70 to fill-up his H3 Hummer.I’m surprised it only cost Congressman Allen West $70 to fill his Hummer’s tank – sounds like he’s getting the Hugo Chavez price for his gasoline. There are so many ways to go with this but I think the beauty [and stupidity] of his post on Facebook should speak for itself. [BuzzFeed]


Hummer H2 Converted To Hummer 2H(orsepower)

Artist Jeremy Dean paid $15k for a Hummer H2 for the sole purpose of slicing it down and converting it to a horse drawn carriage. Dean did this to make a statement about our over reliance on fossil fuels and the threats to the environment. According to Dean, “the goal was to deconstruct the vehicle, long held as an icon of over-consumption and waste.”

Waste-O-Hummer from

Somebody needs to kick me in the nuts twice because I’m missing it. It’s hard to defend destroying a working car to make a statement about over consumption and waste. How about convert the pre-owned Hummer H2 to biodiesel and donate it to a family that can’t afford a vehicle? That would be Jubbling. This, well this just operates under the idea that if you can afford it, you can destroy it. [Treehugger]