Post Hurricane Sandy Real Estate Deals: ‘The Great Sandy Sell-Off’ Video.

“If the storm was just isolated to Rockaway, I would understand the fear. But this wasn’t isolated to Rockaway – this happened throughout all 5 boroughs [of New York] and I think that’s why people feel this isn’t going to happen again. This was the perfect storm.”
Lisa Jackson, Rockaway Properties

Yes, the damaged homes of Rockaway are selling at a discount but what do you do when the ‘Perfect Storm’ becomes an annual event? Deal or not, I can’t understand why home buyers would actively seek out homes that not only suffered significant damage but are still in harm’s way. Oh wait, I found an old Far Side comic that explains it:

Far Side - School for the gifted.

[Climate Desk via Guardian]


Fisker Automotive Got Hosed By Hurricane Sandy And Might Get Re-Hosed By Their Insurance Company.

Fisker Automotive vs Hurrican Sandy and their insurance company.It’s a bad news gets worse story for electric car manufacturer Fisker Automotive. First Hurricane Sandy submerged and destroyed 338 Fisker EV’s that were awaiting transshipment at the Port of Newark and then their $33 million insurance claim was denied by XL Insurance America (probably should not have purchased insurance from an organization with “XL” in their name). Fisker Automotive is currently suing XL to receive payment on their claim. [GigaOM]


Bloomberg Businessweek On Hurricane Sandy: “It’s Global Warming, Stupid”

It's Global Warming, Stupid.You know our Presidential candidates are talking about climate change now. They might’ve skipped over climate change in all of their debates but now they need to show their leadership skills and deal with the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.

I sure hope voters will stop making excuses for their candidate’s inaction before Sandy. Because unless you’re voting for Jill Stein, your Presidential hopeful hasn’t cared as much about our climate as they have about their re-election / election. One isn’t less worse than the other – Obama and Romney both ignored climate change until they could spin Hurricane Sandy into a votes and a nice photo op.

Check out the article “It’s The Global Warming, Stupid” in Bloomberg Businessweek and lets hope our leaders refer to Hurricane Sandy as a turning point in how we deal with, and not debate, the reality of climate change. [Buzzfeed]


Hurricane Sandy.

What a mess! Trying to figure out how much climate change and warming oceans contributed to the Hurricane Sandy is being determined by the experts. Right now, we’re just focusing on whether the shark in this New Jersey front yard is real or Photoshop.
Hurricane Sandy and the Shark in the New Jersey front yard.  Real or really fake?
Wait and second, is that a “GTL” on his left pectoral fin?Front yard shark in New Jersey.
If you’re able, please make a donation to the Red Cross’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. [WBTW]