Nubagg Gives Plastic Grocery Bags A Second Life. TrashRacs™ Work The Same Way But Are Out Of Sight.

Reuse your plastic grocery bags with Nubagg.Nubagg is a simple solution that lets you put your possibly landfill-bound plastic grocery bags to work as garbage bags. The Nubagg is built out of recycled materials and becomes the trash can in your kitchen by holding the plastic grocery bags. It’s now listed on crowd-source website Indiegogo and a $20 donation will get you a Nubagg. Nubagg is hoping to raise $15,000 by November 22.

TrashRacs™Another solution that reuses your plastic grocery bags for trash is the $14.99 TrashRacs™. TrashRacs™ are great because they not only put your normally thrown-out plastic grocery bags to work as garbage bags but the TrashRac™ adds a lid and will hid your trash out of sight and under your sink. [Inhabitat]