Inhabitat Is Jubbling By Looking For Writers Already Going To The Milan Furniture Fair

Inhabitat hiring writers already attending Milan Furniture FairDon’t get your travel hopes up too high because Inhabitat isn’t looking to send you to Italy to report on the Milan Furniture Fair – they want somebody who is already attending this year’s show to write stories for them. It’s a pretty smart move because it means Inhabitat avoids purchasing at least one plane ticket and hotel room. This is kind of a piggyback Jubbling that will help the bottom line but if the writer they hire can convince everyone not to buy any of the crap coming out of the Milan Furniture Fair, we’ll have a true Jubbling trifecta! [Inhabitat]


What Should We Do With 3.5 Billion Wire Coat Hangers?

Wire Coat HangerOne billion is a crazy number but 3.5 billion is 3 and 1/2 times crazy. Worldwide, that’s how many wire coat hangers are sent out with our dry cleaned goods each year. It takes 195 million pounds of steel to manufacture that many wire coat hangers and their clothing-protective plastic coating make them difficult to recycle. What should you do with them? According to Earth911, the best thing to do with your stash of coat hangers is to return them to your dry cleaner for reuse. Another option is to check out the amazing work of artist David Mach and maybe send some coat hangers his way.

David Mach builds larger than life sculptures out of all sorts of products and his latest works are constructed out of bundled coat hangers and matches.

David Mach - King Silver

David Mach's King Silver (Try to figure where the matches went)

Check out David Mach’s website to get an idea of the scale of his work. []