Jubbling Break: Human Head Spider Video

Goldenrod crab spiderIs the video of the “Mutant Spider With Human Head?” an example of mimicry taken to a scary level or is it another hoax video? It does look like the goldenrod crab spider but it seems to be walking without moving its legs.

Hoax or not – my kids and I are hoping the human-head spider video is the Carton Network’s way of introducing a new character on Adventure Time. [RocketNews 24]

Adventure Time w/Crab Spidery


Jubbling Break: “Little Kid vs Lion” Video.

From the kid’s perspective, the lion is a big playful kitty. From the lion’s perspective, this is just a little window shopping.


Jubbling Break: The Most Easily Scared Guy In The World.

Congrats Basse Andersen. Bonus: You didn’t consume any resources to receive this honor. [Laughing Squid]


Jubbling Break: Last Week It Was Catfish Catching Pigeons. Now, It’s Birds Using Bread To Catch Fish.

Last week we posted a video of catfish lunging out of the water to snag a pigeon meal. Well the birds weren’t happy and they didn’t wait long to respond with a video of their own. Take that fish!. [Boing Boing]


Jubbling Break: Was Noc The Beluga Whale (RIP) Imitating Human Speech Or Cat? You Decide.

Noc the ‘talking’ beluga whale was captured as a juvenile in 1977. In 1984, a diver in his tank heard a voice saying “out, out, out” and it was later determined to be Noc. Some think Noc was sounding an alarm by imitating human speech and refer to him as a “sea canary singing in the mine” warning us to get out of the water.

So trying to find answers, Jubbling analyzed the recording above and we think we figured out who had been sneaking into the National Marine Mammal Foundation to work with Noc:

So what do you think: human speech or was Noc speaking cat? [New Scientist and Guardian]


Jubbling Break: Elephant At Berlin Zoo Trunk-Flings His Poo. Possibly Thought Guy Was Eyeballing His Tusks.

Besides ending up in the lion cage, this has to be the second worst way to experience your local zoo. [Boing Boing]