Updated $169 Koubachi Wi-Fi Sensor Now Lets Your Outside Plants Tell You When They’re Too Hot And Hungry.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant SensorVersion 2.0 of the Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor is going to hit the market in October 2012 and sell at a price of $169. The updated version now works indoors & outdoors and lets the grower know their plant’s soil moisture level, light and temperature via a free cloud service. A good tool to keep your plants alive if you’ve got that kind of cabbage to spend.

If you don’t have Koubachi type cash on hand, then maybe a Kobayashi Komposter is for you. The Kobayashi Komposter Inspired by the world-famous eating champ, Kobayashi, our planned kompost bin will devour all the plants you kill by not purchasing the Koubachi and more! Of course we’re still waiting for one manufacturer to take us seriously and hoping Kobayashi will return our calls. MSRP: $130.

While we wait for the deal to finalize, Jubbling’s other alternative to the $169 Koubachi is for me to email you twice a week and remind you to “water your freakin plants!” At $50 per year, it’s a bargain. [GizMag]


If (And A Big IF) Jubbling Built A Gun, It Would Be Like The SwissMiniGun.

SwissMiniGun - World's Smallest PistolSwissMiniGun has built the world’s smallest pistol. It’s just over 2″, shoots 2.34 caliber bullets and sells for $6600 (US). The SwissMiniGun may be the world’s smallest gun but we staunchly refuse to let them call it Jubbling. [Buzzfeed]


Will.i.am And Coca-Cola Partner On Ekocycle To Sell Overpriced Shit Made From Recycled Plastic.

Will.i.am teams up with Coca-Cola to create Ekocycle

“Ah-ha-ha. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Good night.”
Johnny Rotten, Jon 14, 1978
Sex Pistol’s final concert

Johnny Rotten was well aware that he and his Sex Pistol bandmates had let their audience down. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ekocycle proudly used some of Mr. Rotten’s quote in their mission statement.

Ekocycle is a partnership between Will.i.am and Coca-Cola and their goal is to bring some “cool” to recycled products and the overall green movement. What better way to start cooling green up than by incorporating some recycled plastic into the Beats brand headphones and then sell them for a cool $349. How’s that for cool? Save the environment by dropping an over-priced $349 for a set of already over-priced headphones.

I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall in the big Ekcocycle / Will.i.am / Coke meeting when they laughed at all the jackasses who might buy their green message and headphones. Do you think Will.i.am honestly gives a rat’s ass about the environment or is it all about the green he’s going to make? For goodness sake, he arrived at a meeting on climate change in a helicopter.

When I started working on Jubbling, I truly believed that businesses would consume less because it made fiscal sense and there are many examples of companies that have reduced and saved. But Ekocycle is different. It was created to exploit the market and the trends associated with all things green and they’re not good at hiding it.
Coca-Cola  Will.i.am and You - EkocycleSo to the people who care about the planet and want to consume less – please do not buy these freaking crazy-expensive headphones. Will.i.am and Coca Cola are dead wrong for thinking that we’re too stupid to see their true motives. Ekocycle is all about the green that’ll go into their bank accounts and not the green they want us to believe. [Huffington Post]


Monstrous Trimaran Superyacht Is So Big That You Can Park A Car In It.

UltraLuxum Yachting CXL Concept Trimaran

If you can afford it, you can consume it.

Besides being wind powered, I don’t think much else about this massive, floating and car-toting trimaran superyacht concept from UltraLuxum Yachting is Jubbling. I was going to skip it until I read $kaycog’s comment about the car-on-boat trimaran concept and it became a little more Jubworthy. [Jalopnik]

Boat on top of car.


Eco-Friendly Wooden Wallets Are Back Pocket Unfriendly.

Wood Wallet by PROOF
Gizmodo posted an article, “Wooden Wallets, WTF?,” that is short and sweet. When and why did expensive wooden wallets become so eco-chic and who, other than George Costanza, would carry around a couple slabs of balsa in their back pocket?

Jubbling decided to reach out to their overseas dev-team [writer embellishment] to create an alternative and end this recycled / renewable trend. After 2 months of wind tunnel and back pocket testing, we discovered the solution was actually holding the final report together. [Gizmodo]

Paper clip


Crazy Truck-Car Hybrid For Sale On Craigslist

Truck-Car-LadonProbably not the hybrid vehicle you were looking for. This truck-car hybrid takes the worst features of both and puts them into one vehicle but the reuse/recycle factor is very high. For sale on Craigslist at $3k (firm). [Boing Boing]