Sweaters Knitted Out Of Dog Hair.

Sweaters knitted out of dog hair - Erwan Fichou

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Of all the benefits we get from owning a dog, knitting a sweater out of their normally thrown out sheddings is hard to beat. The dog hair sweater story is an old one but it’s worth bringing back for its Jubbling awesomeness. Erwan Fichou photographed the proud dog hair sweater wearers with their matching dog, hair source.

Knitting With Dog Hair bookIf you own a dog with long hair and you want to join the dog hair sweater club, take the first step and order a used copy of the book “Knitting With Dog Hair.” Make the dog hair sweater knitting project a post-New Year’s New Year’s resolution because when it’s done, your dog will surely love having you as a twin bro. [Neatorama]


Rayfish Footwear’s Custom Stingray Shoes Was A Hoax. SkyMaul Parody Catalog Shouldn’t Be Worried.

Another hoax another day. I guess the Rayfish Footwear stingray shoes were a not-funny SkyMaul catalog item after all. [Buzzfeed]


Pedal-Powered Un-Knitting Machine Reverses And Recycles The Yarn You Used To Make A Hat With The Rocking-Knit.

ÉCAL Low-Tech Factory’s Rocking-Knit.

Rocking-Knit Hats

The problem: You had to be first on your block with the Rocking-Knit hat-knitting rocking chair. But now you have second thoughts about the 10 dozen hats you rocked-out and you want your yarn back.

The Solution: The pedal-powered Un-Knitting Machine (below) from Imogen Hedges saves the day by reversing your knitted hats back into yarn. It’ll not only un-knit your knitted hats, the Un-Knitting machine will also help you reclaim the yarn from the sweater that hides in your closet and was cool never. [Gizmodo]


Anderson Cooper Owns One Pair Of Jeans That He Shower-Washes Quarterly.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper admitted he’s washed his jeans maybe twice in six months. “The times I’ve done it, I’ve worn them and walked into my shower with them and put some soap on them and then air dried them – isn’t that how you are supposed to do it?”
What Not To Wear’s Stacy London interviews Anderson Cooper for Us Weekly.

Here is Anderson Coopers’ Jubbling recap:

  1. Owns one pair of jeans.
  2. Washes them once every 3 months.
  3. Showers in his jeans to wash them.
  4. Air-drys his jeans.

Basically, I should just sign Jubbling.com over to Mr. Cooper. [US Weekly via Buzzfeed]


The Napsack From Poler Is A Coat And A Sleeping Bag.

The Napsack from Poler Stuff.

“The Napsack has zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out, and a cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out. Hike it up to your waist, cinch it, and wear it like a puffy coat around the campfire, and then crawl right back into your tent without ever having to leave the warmth of your bag.”
The Napsack product description on PolerStuff.com

Like a successful mullet, The Napsack serves two purposes: coat by day and sleeping bag at night. Watch your peephole Inuit-inspired bodysuit from Femke Agema. [Gizmodo]

Inuit-inspired bodysuit from Femke Agema.


A Jubbling Exclusive: We Discovered What Happens To The Ostrich Pillow When It Grows Up.

Ostrich PillowThe micro-environment creating Ostrich Pillow is an in-office, in-airport, in-park and in-stuck in traffic nap generating chunk of awesomeness. It even made it on Treehugger (Eco-Friendly Mag) and Ecouterre. Jubbling had to find out more about the Ostrich Pillow and that’s when we stumbled upon the cold weather bodysuit (Ostrich Pillow 2.0?) from Femke Agema.

Femke Agema designed cold weather body suit.
Watch your ass Snuggie! [Femke Agema via Neatorama]