Jubbling Hopes These Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots Are Repurposed From Nearly Discarded Vintage Jeans And Not NEW Vintage Jeans.

Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots from DaniKshoesThese Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots are obviously not for me. They’re stylish and fashionable [?] so they would never find a home on my feet. But are they Jubbling and made from nearly-landfill jeans or are they made from new vintage jeans? We hope it’s the former. [Laughing Squid]]


First It Was The iRock iDevice Charging Rocking Chair And Now We Have ÉCAL Low-Tech Factory’s Rocking-Knit.

ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Rocking-KnitWhen did rocking chairs become the so rockin? Last week, we wrote about the $1300 iRock rocking-chair that put grandma to work charging your iDevice and now we have the Rocking-Knit from ECAL Low-Tech Factory that will rock out a knit hat for you.

This is becoming rocking-chair version of the “Who’d you rather?” bit – rocking chair to generate electricity vs rocking chair to knit you a hat so you can turn down the thermostat. Both ideas definitely have a home in a retirement center and both have a home on our “hope it’s true but I’m not buying” page. [Inhabitat]


Levi’s Will Be Releasing Their Waste Less™ Jeans In Spring 2013. Each Pair Made With 8 Recycled PET Plastic Bottles.

Levis Waste Less JeansGood for Levi’s and their planned Waste<Less™ jean’s line. Their goal is to incorporate 3.5 million recycled 12 – 20 oz PET bottles into their new Waste<Less™ jeans. I would’ve given Levi’s an awesome had I not seen a video of how labor intensive it was to turn PET plastic bottles in to fabric.

But don’t get me wrong, recycling and repurposing PET plastic bottles into clothing is still good. [Levi’s via Crave]


Free Mending Library: Michael Swaine Mends Clothing For Free In San Francisco.

Grist interviewed artist Michael Swaine to find out more about the once-a-month free clothes mending service he’s provided in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco for the last 11 years. It’s a great article about Mr. Swaine who extends the life of clothing and doesn’t expect anything in return. [Grist]

Find out when the Free Mending Library will be open. [Directions]


‘Hug Me’ Fashion Line Designed To Make Wearer Feel Warm & Hugged. Some Yo Gabba Gabba! Inspiration?

Si Chan 'Hug Me' Fashion line.Holy crap! Unnecessary fashion makes it so easy for Jubbling to downsize because we really have no need for a style department. The latest fashion entry is from Si Chan whose Hug Me line was created:

“to express how the (dis) connection between people to people and the loneliness…”

Jubbling’s take is that in general, fashion expresses a disconnection between our wallets and unnecessary consumption.

Now there is one piece in Si Chan’s line that does show some promise. With the addition of a hat, you could pass as Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba!. So I guess it’s not a total loss and it may hint at a little recycling. [Laughing Squid]

Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba!


The 2 Ingredient Cookie Taste Test

2 Ingredient Cookie TestYesterday, we posted an article about the 2 Ingredient Cookie recipe from The Burlap Bag. The two ingredients are bananas and oats and the recipe is so close to foolproof, I had to make some and test them out on three cookie experts. So I made a batch and in an effort to suck-up to the judges, mixed-in some chocolate chips. Here are the results:

  1. Kid A: Too chewy. I can’t eat the whole thing.
  2. Kid B: It’s not bad. I could eat more but just not now.
  3. Kid C: Don’t like bananas. Not going to try it. (my l’il commie)

Personally, I loved the 2 Ingredient Cookies and I could even do without the chocolate chips. It’s a great, “on-the-go” and healthy snack you can stuff in your pocket as you’re leaving the house. Skip the Snickers/Granola/PowerBar and give the 2 Ingredient Cookies a shot. I may try this recipe with applesauce next time and see how it goes. You’ll be the first to hear about my success or failure.