Hopefully Resourcefulness Will Be The Next Big Fashion Statement

Use it up, wear it out - make it do!Good article on Boing Boing about resourcefulness and how it has become a lost art. Stuff is just cheaper to replace now so it doesn’t make sense to repair and re-wear. I’m guilty too as I catch myself throwing out possibly useful items (kids partial toys, holey clothing etc.) because it’s easier to toss and forget.

We should all challenge ourselves to repurpose and extend the life of one extra item each month; an article of clothing, a toy, or an electronic device. I do have to get rid of some underwear that are so old, they’re made out of tree bark. But besides chucking the undies (or using them as rags), I’m going try to patch and repair one normally trashed item each month. I already make a daily un-fashion statement so why not expand on it? [Boing Boing]


Reading About The ‘Mesh’ Dress Almost Made Me Crap Myself (Which May Have A Home On The Mesh Dress)

The Mesh DressIs the compost/growing garden “Mesh Dress” for real or is Jubbling going to run out to the mall again, try to be the first to buy one these gems and end up looking like a horse’s ass? According to its designers, Ali Seçkin Karayol and Mette Lyckegaard of the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design, the Mesh Dress:

“…should be seen as citizens’ opportunity to give back to nature and to immerse themselves in it by wearing their own small ecosystem.”

Their Mesh Dress gives back by allowing its wearer to be a walking, seed carrying compost pile. Put some dirt in your pocket, attach a banana peel, add some kitchen scraps and watch your wearable garden shirt grow around you everyday. And you shouldn’t wear it just one day; put your mobile composter back on for day 2, 3 and beyond. I bet you could even put worms in the Mesh Dress to aid the compost process and breakdown some organic matter. [ecouterre]


Chick-fil-A Sues Kale Loving Entrepreneur To Stop Making “Eat More Kale” Shirts

Eat More Kale or Chik-fil-A?From my own personal experience, it takes a strong person to stomach kale. So anyone willing to promote it with “Eat More Kale” logo apparel should be left alone. But that’s not happening in the case of Bo Muller-Moore and his battle with the Chick-fil-A folks because they think he’s infringing on their “Eat Mor Chikin” slogan. From an article on Treehugger, Chick-fil-A’s attorneys think Bo’s “Eat More Kale” message will dilute their chikin thing because it:

“is likely to cause confusion of the public and dilutes the distinctiveness of Chick-fil-A’s intellectual property and diminishes its value.”

Might be the first and only time Chick-fil-A and intellectual are in the same sentence and if you try kale once, I think any possible confusion between the two products will go away.

That’s why to us, it’s all comedy. WTF is a “Chick-fil-A”? And even further, Eat Mor Chikin is supposed to be light and humorous – what’s up with the litigious bovines… or is it the chikins that are getting all legal? Now if Bo’s pro-kale slogan was “Éat Moore Kail” with 3 cucumbers holding up each word, Chick-fil-A might have a case. But we hate to think that Chick-fil-A can legally issue a cease and desist order to every group using “Eat More” in their slogan.

Thanks to the controversy, more “Eat More Kale” products are being ordered and Bo needs 2-3 weeks to keep up with demand. Maybe some “Eat More Jubblingly” gear is around the corner because the “Love More Jubblingly” shirts were a fail. [Treehugger]


Jubbling Holiday Tip: Wrap “Good” Gifts In Clothes

Here is a post from 2009. It was such a hit (3 or 4 people read it) that we had to bring it back.

Clothing Gift Wrap

(Bow Is Optional)

Everyone with kids knows about the traditional holiday reaction to clothes. If you are lucky, you’ll get a sigh, a toss and your kid will move on. If you are unlucky you’ll have a holiday full of tears and your threats to return everything. We’ve all been there and now Jubbling has a solution – Clothing Gift Wrap. Clothing gift wrap is simple and only requires you to wrap your kids presents in the clothes you buy them.

The result is your kids will stand anxiously around the tree and say things like “that’s my reindeer sweater” or “those are my bunny jammies” and you’ll be Jubbling by avoiding the normal process of gift wrapping clothing and putting a bow on something they’ll hate.