The iPotty Potty Training Toilet With iPad Holder. Waste Meets Waste?

iPotty Potty Training Toilet w/iPad holderWhat potty training kid is going to walk away from their iPotty when there’s an iPad sitting in front of them? Avoid the temporary plastic iPotty, sit your kid on the seat and tell them to sing or read until they’ve taken care of business. They’ll figure it out soon enough and you won’t be scrambling for your iPad every time they need to go. [Laughing Squid]


Jubbling Break: “Little Kid vs Lion” Video.

From the kid’s perspective, the lion is a big playful kitty. From the lion’s perspective, this is just a little window shopping.


Sorry Kids. All I Want For Christmas Is For You To NOT Build A Wasteful Gingerbread House This Year.

Gingerbread Millennium Falcon

Gingerbread Millennium Falcon

In the US, it sure seems like our end-of-year holidays are highlighted by waste. Halloween Jack O’ lanterns, Thanksgiving turkey (35% wasted) and once-living Christmas trees are all valued guests prior and during their respective holiday but become unwelcome squatters immediately following. That’s because they’re a symptom of our post-holiday hangover and helping them find the trash is the only cure.

Gingerbread House KitThat’s why Jubbling would like to add one more holiday item to the not list: the Gingerbread House. Here’s why:

  1. How many Gingerbread Houses have you built during Christmas?
  2. Of those, how many have you eaten completely?

If your first answer matched your second, we’re non-judgementally impressed. For most people though, the Gingerbread House might get picked clean of its Skittles, Red Vines, frosting and some roof but the remaining Gingerbread Slum will probably meet the garbage can soon after Christmas. We’ve been there and that’s why we’re NOT buying a Gingerbread House kit this year.

Destroyed Gingerbread HouseOf course we could still build and decorate an edible tiny home using graham crackers and homemade icing. Going small, without losing the festive-fun, is not a bad option.

But the Gingerbread House kit is out. I think we’ve disposed a lifetime’s worth of gingerbread in the last 10 years and it’s a good time to give up one wasteful habit.

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The Inconvenient Truth Is That You Probably Didn’t Vote For Jill Stein.

President Barack ObamaWith this election, we could’ve sent a message to our President that climate change was an important issue but instead, we chose the rock star over the bazillionaire. Neither of the two main candidates wanted to bring up climate change – even a Presidential debate moderator, guided by unseen forces, poked fun at all “you climate change people” and basically pointed out that it’s the economy, stupid. [Wonder how those words will play out in 25 years.]

Hopefully a re-elected President Obama will not forget about the environment in his next four years the way he avoided it at the end of his first term. The normal treehuggers gave him a pass in this election, instead of promoting Jill Stein’s candidacy, because they considered him the least objectionable. Probably not a good position to take but it’s up to the voters to decide.

So congratulations to President Obama. This is it and I hope your final term is about making tough decisions in regard to climate change that will benefit your children and future grandchildren rather than focusing on getting future nominees from your party elected. You don’t have to be a rock star anymore; you just need to be a leader on an issue that is much bigger than any election.


When Jubbling Goes Bad: Taking Two Trips To Bring 31 Preschoolers To A Restaurant In A Compact Car.

Melanie Minnie takes 31 preschoolers out for lunch in a subcompact car.Melanie Minnie, a preschool teacher in Pretoria SA, wanted to take her class of 31 preschoolers out for a celebratory lunch at a local mall. Ms. Driver didn’t have a bus available so she loaded the little buggers into her Renault Clio, a subcompact five-door hatchback, and it ended up only taking two trips to get them to the restaurant. How did she do it? She packed and drove 12 kids in the first trip and the remaining 19 in the second. Ms. Minnie did get caught by the police, and received a $170 ticket, when she returned to take the last 19 kids back to their preschool.

As much as we love Ms. Minnie’s carpool Jubbling, we do not approve her decision to drive 31 kids in two trips. Now three trips is reasonable but doing it in two is just showing off. [Yahoo]


Puzzle Playhouse From Modern Playhouse Is As Easy To Assemble As It Is To Disassemble.

Puzzle Playhouse from Modern PlayhouseWhat kid wouldn’t want a Puzzle Playhouse from Modern Playhouse? The Puzzle Playhouse can be used both indoors and outdoors and its tool-free assembly / disassembly takes less than 10 minutes. Plus, it’s sustainably built. From Inhabitot:

“The cute [Puzzle] playhouse is made with sustainable and domestically sourced maple apple-ply and comes in a beautiful natural maple color.”

And at only $650… wait a second, 650 bones? Sorry kids but we have to go with Plan B. [Inhabitots]

Jubbling Plan B to Puzzle Playhouse.