Jubbling’s Mustn’t Have Product Of The Week: Fujitsu’s Wandant Dog Pedometer.

Wandant Dog Pedometer from FujitsuFujitsu Wandant Dog PedometerWho’d buy this? It’s the Wandant Dog Pedometer from Fujitsu and it monitors and records your dog’s daily actions (walking, shivering etc.) so you can track how lazy or busy your fattening pooch has been. The data from the Wandant Dog Pedometer is automatically uploaded to the cloud and graphically displayed. Pet owners can add and track additional information including food volume, stool conditions and current weight using a diary feature on the website. Currently, the Wandant Dog Pedometer is only available in Japan.

At Jubbling, we never pass up an opportunity to help consumers consume less and here’s how you avoid the cloud-wasting unnecessary Wandant Dog Pedometer:

If your dog used to look like this…

Skinny Boxer Dog

…and now looks like this…

Fat Boxer Dog

…then you should probably cut back on how much you feed your dog and take him out for more walks. No need to waste cloud space, time (documenting poop) and money on a product that will graphically inform you that your embiggening dog isn’t active. Let your eyes tell you that your dog could drop a few pounds. [Crave]


Promised My Cats The Sky Scratcher™: New York City Scratching Post For Christmas…Then Saw The Price.

The Sky Scratcher™: New York City cat scratching post.The Sky Scratcher™: New York City scratching post for cats is a green idea that is gluelessly made out of 120 stories of recycled cardboard and renewable bamboo plywood. And the creators of The Sky Scratcher™ go even further by donating a portion of their sales to help feed and assists pets that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Awesome2 until I saw the $149 price tag. Sorry cats but your getting the usual empty box to play in, one shiny Christmas ornament to break and I promise not to have you de-clawed for another year. [Etsy via Inhabitat]


Movoto Blog’s Animal House Calculates How Many Pets / People It Takes To Power Your House.

Power Your Home With Pets
Who hasn’t thought about putting their lazy pets or mooching relatives to work generating electricity? Well now there’s a way to find out how many of your slothful coinhabitants are needed to produce the electricity that will power your home. [Read more…]


Jubbling Break: Was Noc The Beluga Whale (RIP) Imitating Human Speech Or Cat? You Decide.

Noc the ‘talking’ beluga whale was captured as a juvenile in 1977. In 1984, a diver in his tank heard a voice saying “out, out, out” and it was later determined to be Noc. Some think Noc was sounding an alarm by imitating human speech and refer to him as a “sea canary singing in the mine” warning us to get out of the water.

So trying to find answers, Jubbling analyzed the recording above and we think we figured out who had been sneaking into the National Marine Mammal Foundation to work with Noc:

So what do you think: human speech or was Noc speaking cat? [New Scientist and Guardian]


Read About DogTV Today And Had To Self-Kick My Nuts.

DogTV - RIP Planet EarthIn October 2011, Jubbling posted the article “The Doggie Treadmill, Laser Chase Cat Toy, And Litter Robot Should Never Find A Place In Your Home” about some unnecessary products guilty pet owners could buy for their pets. Now Cnet is reporting about a new TV channel specifically for dogs. It’s called DogTV and the programming is geared for stay-at-home dogs and it features dogs fetching, swimming and doing other dog things. DogTV is supported by some animal experts but really? Do we really need to leave our power-gulping TV on all day so our dog won’t feel alone? I hope not and I hope DogTV ends up in the Jubbling “what the hell were we thinking” folder. [Cnet]


Pousse Créative Wants You To Put A Plant Above Your Pet With The Kokon Kennel

Pousse Créative Kokon KennelIt’s called the Kokon Kennel and from the picture, the cat seems pretty happy in it. But what you can’t see in the image is the pissed off spouse of the person who just shelled out $350 for this well designed and yet extremely unnecessary cat bed with plant on top. I went to Pousse Créative’s* website hoping to find out that these structures were made from recycled diapers or to benefit orphanages but no luck. This is just a plant on an expensive pet bed that can easily be duplicated using a potted fern and a cardboard box. [Inhabitat]

*Pousse Créative is their actual company name and not one we made up.