Bike Dispenser: It’s European

Parking a car in a big city is anything but convenient. Public transportation can be over-crowded and the odors inside the subway typically do not mix well with breakfast, lunch or dinner. That’s where some fresh air and Bikedispenser come in.

This Dutch company created a contraption that literally dispenses a bicycle to a paying commuter right on the street. It’s open for business 24/7/365 and no actual human beings are involved in the transaction. The rental device can be customized for a number of settings including railway stations and park-and-ride lots. It can hold 30, 50 or 100 bikes depending upon need. Who would have thought that the country that brought us wooden shoes could make Jubbling so cool?

Although Jubbling staff might’ve injured themselves trying to figure out how the bikes get to the little doorway when someone places an order, the bigger unanswered brainteaser is how the idea would work here in the U.S. Only a few European countries have been using Bike Dispenser since 2007 so little is known about its long-term success or failure.

A similar rental idea using automobiles, called Zipcar, has been successfully operating in North America and some European cities. However, true Jubbling would lend itself to more pedal power and less throttle power. Even though America’s love affair with the car may be hard to break we can see this starting in already biker friendly cities like Seattle, Denver, Portland and Washington D.C. The only other enhancement would be to make them graffiti-proof. We suggest Brooklyn, NY, for a test city.


TOMS Shoes – There is a Jubbling Gosh!

So many copy and so few truly innovate. Blake Mycoskie is a true Jubbling pioneer and came up with the idea of TOMS Shoes while traveling in Argentina in 2006 and noticing how many kids ran around barefoot. The dilemma was that in rural parts of Argentina, you had to wear shoes to attend school so some kids were not only barefoot but they were uneducated too. Blake returned to the US, sold his business and started TOMS Shoes with the idea that if you buy one pair of TOMS Shoes, they’ll donate another pair to a kid in a developing country. The shoes have either rubber or rope soles and are modeled after the Alpargata shoes worn by Argentine farmers. In addition to rope soles, TOMS Shoes are also made from renewable materials including canvas and cotton.

The best way to order TOMS shoes is online through  TOMS Shoes are in the $50 range and at this point with Jubbling, I’m not sure if we’re going to buy first or receive. I see my kids running around barefoot and I’m afraid Blake Mycoskie and his crew might show up at my house with shoes for my kids before I can become a customer. I hope they don’t put the video on their website.



Jubbling 101 – Sun Chips

Sun Chips Web SplashYou have to start somewhere and the folks at Frito-Lay are trying to make a difference with their Sun Chips. First, Frito-Lay added solar panels to one of their Sun Chip factories and then starting on Earth Day in 2010, they are going to start shipping their Sun Chips in biodegradable packaging. They are making a change to their processes that if they are encouraged, will lead to more improvements toward Jubbling and lead to a smaller footprint.

That is why we refer to it as Jubbling 101. If you want to be a Psychologist, you start by taking Psych 101. And if you want to be a Doctor, you start with Doctor 101 – when you want to be Jubbling, you start at Jubbling 101 and with success at that level, you move on to 102 and so on. That is why we need to purchase Sun Chips and let Frito-Lay know why. Tell them you love the Sun Chips packaging so much that you ate the bag (wait til 2010 to do this) or that you wouldn’t host a wake without Sun Chips.


Brings Tears To My Eyes

Jubbling never looked so good and it’s great to see that we’re now an international phenomenon. Wait, Jubbling has always been international thing and I’m beginning to think the rest of the world knows Jubbling better than we do. Translating our website into foreign languages will not be necessary because the Jubbling will be missed by our international audience. It’s kind of like creating a website in the US about owning 4+ televisions or having a 3 car garage; it’s just not that out of the ordinary. 4 – 8 people on a motorcycle is not that out of the ordinary in parts of Asia because Jubbling is the norm.

So as much as I want to encourage Jubbling, you won’t see me riding a moped with a kid’s booster seat on it anytime soon. Maybe a Burley but that’s about it.


We believe in Jubbling!!!

That might’ve been the chant overheard as this train cruised through Pakistan but I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Two things you didn’t hear were “where the hell is my luggage?” and “can somebody fix the shitter!?”. It’s just another example of international Jubbling that may not work in the US but is much more common in the rest of the world. With faith guiding this train and not a woman in sight, these guys are happy and actually smiling as they return home from a religious pilgrimage. It’s like a Jubbling bachelor party except everyone comes home unashamed. But don’t get me wrong – I’m not about to hop on that train. My role here is to encourage Jubbling and to share Jubbling ideas; participation is not always required.

So keep the faith and keep up the good Jubbling.


Cat Jubbling

[youtube width=”250″ height=”202″][/youtube]Who hasn’t done this before?