Sony 4K TV – $25k, 84″ Diagonal, 4k Horizontal Pixels, 4 X’s More Detail Than True HD And One Reason Not To Buy It.

Sony 4k TVJubbling’s buy/don’t buy recommendation: Don’t buy it. You probably don’t need it. [CNET]


‘Hug Me’ Fashion Line Designed To Make Wearer Feel Warm & Hugged. Some Yo Gabba Gabba! Inspiration?

Si Chan 'Hug Me' Fashion line.Holy crap! Unnecessary fashion makes it so easy for Jubbling to downsize because we really have no need for a style department. The latest fashion entry is from Si Chan whose Hug Me line was created:

“to express how the (dis) connection between people to people and the loneliness…”

Jubbling’s take is that in general, fashion expresses a disconnection between our wallets and unnecessary consumption.

Now there is one piece in Si Chan’s line that does show some promise. With the addition of a hat, you could pass as Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba!. So I guess it’s not a total loss and it may hint at a little recycling. [Laughing Squid]

Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba!


It’s Getting So Hot In Knoxville TN That WATE 6 News Reporter Loses The Ability To Speak.

Weather with Mike Krafcik - WATE Channel 6
Mike Krafcik, you get a pass on this one because we’ve all been there. Maybe not during a live news broadcast but we all have been hit with the uncomfortable heat. One recommendation for future broadcasts: you should consider dumping that long-sleeve blue shirt for something closer to a muscle shirt, half-shirt or a combination of both. [Buzzfeed]

Update: Unfortunately, WATE Channel 6 pulled the video from Youtube. But before they did, we did the best we could capturing what Mr. Krafcik said in the 87 degree heat during the live newscast. “Thank you Jim in the studio… it’s hot out and it’s only getting hotter and it’s going to be triple digits. My feet are hot and my shoes hurt.. what’s that, mommy? I see sparkles.”


It Gets Worse: Angry Birds App Coming To Humungous Samsung Smart TV’s

Samsung Smart TVs with Smart Interaction Technology and Angry BirdsOur article against porting Android apps to our big-ass TVs with the Ouya console was just settling when we heard news that Angry Birds will be playable on future Samsung Smart TV’s via hand gestures. The popular game was playing just fine with a finger on low-power consuming mobile devices and ideally, it would’ve stayed only mobile. But for consumers, playing bigger is better and we’re now finding that our push to keep mobile games mobile is the losing position as though we chose Betamax. [Crave]


The $99 Ouya Console Hopes To Bring Mobile Gaming To Your Big TV And Why We Pre-Hate It

Ouya Android Based Gaming ConsoleThe people behind the $99.00 Ouya gaming system hoped to raise $950,000 on Kickstarter. Their Ouya console will allow users to play updated $0.99 Android based mobile games on their home’s bigger TV screen by 2013. Within 24 hours, they more than doubled their goal and raised over $2 million. Here are the specs on the Ouya console:

  • Quad-core Tegra 3 processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 8 GB of flash storage
  • HDMI and USB 2.0 ports
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Android 4.0

The Ouya is a clever idea and one that’ll definitely put a little fear in the hearts of console game makers Nintendo (Wii), Sony (PS3) and Microsoft (Xbox).

One more possible casualty of the Ouya: Jubbling.

Jubbling is all about the idea of consuming less and that’s why we’re not so high on the Ouya. Everyone has been fine and good playing their Android based games on their electricity-sipping phones and tablets. Why do we need to port this fun and Android games to work on a power-sucking 50″ plasma TV? It’s like selling a kit to modify a Toyota Prius into a Monster truck… something that may, and we hope doesn’t, end up on Kickstarter one day too.

So we hope their fundraising success isn’t matched in the marketplace. Mobile gaming should be mobile and never played on a 50″ plasma screen. Yes, there will be games built to play on the Ouya exclusively but there will be a lot of porting over of existing apps that are currently only played on phones and tablets. Sorry but we’re giving the Ouya a minus 1 when it comes to Jubbling.

Update: My 13-year old son completely disagrees with my article on the Ouya. He sees the Ouya as a way for gaming development to be less expensive and more engaging for the user on a bigger screen. He also suggested that if I truly believe apps should only be viewed on mobile devices, then I should disconnect my laptop and only post articles for Jubbling via my lower-power consuming mobile phone. Otherwise, I’d be a hypocrite. (He’ll be for sale on soon.)


The Cottage Lodge B&B Has TV But You Have To Peddle For It

The Cottage Lodge - Bicycle Powered TVThe Cottage Lodge in Brockenhurst England thinks you should work for your entertainment. That’s why the TV in their ‘Standing Hat’ room is powered by a bicycle. Just one of many Jubbling elements of this 360 year old bed & breakfast that was originally constructed from of a reclaimed ship. [Telegraph via Boing Boing]