Jason Lloyd Fletcher’s Genevieve Sustainable Side Table And Chair Made Out Of Vintage Belts. What The What?

Jason Lloyd Fletcher vintage belt made chair and tableJason Lloyd Fletcher used recycled vintage belts to build his Genevieve series of side tables and chairs. From his website:

“Genevieve is a series of handmade pieces representing luxury products with sustainable, ethical principles.”

Really? Sustainable and ethical? I’m sorry but taking a crapload of perfectly wearable belts and turning them into furniture does not sound very sustainable. Creating usable products out of things we normally throw out and you have something. Not belts!

So if you are lucky enough to be in possession of a Jason Lloyd Fletcher designed Genevieve side table or chair, please dismantle it and re-recycle the vintage belts. Congratulations, you now have a lifetime supply of vintage belts or future belt gifts for your friends and family.

Going a little further, you could also walk around town handing out belts to people who can’t, and want to, keep their pants from falling down. They’ll call you Belt-Man and you’ll be a local hero. [Inhabitat]


Oh Nuts! There’s Some Soup In My Sand….Made Bowl.

Victor Castanera Sandstone bowlsThis story goes in the green file folder labeled “I don’t think so.” Barcelona designer Victor Castanera creates his Sandstone bowls out of an acrylic resin and uses beach sand as his mold; no machinery. On his website, Mr. Castanera explains the process [Google translated]:

“The project aims to emphasize the importance of the production process for both the final product, which acquires a unique identity resulting from a decision of Nature, and the user who made ​​that experience with them from the time throwing water on the sand until they have to give at home use.”

This would be fun to project to do with the kids but are these Sandstone bowls usable? Sustainable? Would you use a Sandstone bowl more than once? Probably not. [Inhabitat]


Mini Electric Hummer Is Maxi Unnecessary.

Mini Electric Hummer by Prindiville.Who would purchase an electric powered, $40,000 mini-Hummer? I think I know – a person with $40k burning a hole in their pocket who wants their full-sized Hummer to have a soon-to-be neglected sibling. I guess it could also become a beast golf cart. [Wired]


If (And A Big IF) Jubbling Built A Gun, It Would Be Like The SwissMiniGun.

SwissMiniGun - World's Smallest PistolSwissMiniGun has built the world’s smallest pistol. It’s just over 2″, shoots 2.34 caliber bullets and sells for $6600 (US). The SwissMiniGun may be the world’s smallest gun but we staunchly refuse to let them call it Jubbling. [Buzzfeed]


Jubbling To Geoengineers: Um, Any Chance We Could Put The Whole Space Mirror Thing To Rest?

Space mirror makes the sun look fat.Have you read the book Contact by Carl Sagan or seen the movie with Jodie Foster? Well it’s entertaining and tells the story of nations coming together and spending trillions of dollars to send space travelers through wormholes in order to reach the source of a message from the Milky Way galaxy. It sounds far flung but when the story is compared to the Live Science article, Could Space Mirrors Stop Global Warming?, which is about installing a Greenland sized space mirror to block the sun’s rays, the space-transport effort in Contact seems more plausible.

In all fairness, the article doesn’t recommend space mirrors but explains how they should and couldn’t work. Some of the key points are that it would take a fleet of 5 million spacecraft in order to install 600,000 sq. miles of space mirrors. The mirrors would then have to be interconnected in space with the goal of blocking 1-2% of the sun’s rays. And oh, the gains from reflecting the solar radiation with the space mirrors might take 50 years to reverse / slow down the effects global warming. I would go into more detail about space mirrors, including the trillions2 it would cost, but you just have to read the article to get the full craziness.

So scientists, at your next climate conference, don’t get suckered and just walk past the table with the signup sheet for the Space Mirror Feasibility Committee. Space mirrors are a goof, possibly put out by climate deniers, that’ll waste your time. Avoiding is a better alternative to pursuing this nut-brain idea. [Live Science]


picNYC Table Is Sod-Covered And Brings Outdoor Dining Inside

picNYC Sod-Covered Table from HCA

“a surreal experience of nature in the city that literally transforms dining.”
Haiko Cornelissen Architekten

I had to rub my eyes the first time I saw this grass growing beauty from Haiko Cornelissen Architekten. According to HCA’s website, the picNYC table is a concept project and expands on the fast growing urban farming idea. Built out of aluminum, the picNYC table is constructed like a holding tray and is first covered with stones, followed by soil and is then layered with sod. It does require watering and how it performs depends on all the factors that affect a normal lawn. Once it’s filled in with grass, you’ve got a little indoor city picnic time.

I thought about the picNYC table and how fun it would be to have something like it in my house but then realized how quickly the green fuzzy feeling would leave me when one of my cats decides to use it as a litter box. Trust me, they would defile the picNYC table before the grass started growing. Then my cats would attempt to bury their post-digested gift and manage to spread dirt on everything but their business. And being creatures of habit, they would continue to drop loads on it until my eco-suavé table was taken out of the house.

Thankfully, the picNYC table is just a concept and hopefully it’ll stay that way. Of course the cats may feel differently. [Inhabitat]

Cat Pooping on picNYC Table