Pousse Créative Wants You To Put A Plant Above Your Pet With The Kokon Kennel

Pousse Créative Kokon KennelIt’s called the Kokon Kennel and from the picture, the cat seems pretty happy in it. But what you can’t see in the image is the pissed off spouse of the person who just shelled out $350 for this well designed and yet extremely unnecessary cat bed with plant on top. I went to Pousse Créative’s* website hoping to find out that these structures were made from recycled diapers or to benefit orphanages but no luck. This is just a plant on an expensive pet bed that can easily be duplicated using a potted fern and a cardboard box. [Inhabitat]

*Pousse Créative is their actual company name and not one we made up.


Really? Microwave The Bejesus Out Of Orange Peels To Make Biodegradable Plastic?

Using A Microwave To Turn Orange Peels Into Biodegradable PlasticIs this news or is somebody out there goofing on us by doling out nonsense stories to distract us? It’s hard to tell when you read an article like Orange peels could be made into biodegradable plastic. I’m starting to think the folks over at the Weekly World News, the world’s only reliable news (their words, not mine), is behind all of these stories for the greenies to consume and get excited about.

Maybe a better story would be that on your next shopping trip, choose ONE additional non-plastic option so these guys don’t have to nuke oranges for 2-hours to produce one that is bio-degradable.

Jubbling: Making consuming less, less consuming

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New Rolls-Royce 102EX Electric Vehicle Debuts At Geneva Motor Show

Rolls-Royce 102EX Phantom at Geneva Motor Show 2011With a price tag of around $1.6 million, the Rolls-Royce 102EX concept car is close to $1.6 million more than I can afford. The Telegraph has a complete run down of the features of this mega EV. A few of the specs to highlight include its range of 125 miles on a single charge and the fact that it’ll be powered by 1400 lbs of lithium ion cells. The Rolls-Royce 102EX will also have the ability to “induction charge.” Basically, you can park it over two pads to re-charge the batteries wirelessly.

All of these features are very cool but is the Rolls-Royce 102EX Jubbling? No, but it’s definitely Jubfurky.