Kitchen Flooring Made Out Of 60,000 Pennies.

Kitchen flooring made out of 60,000 pennies.
That’s $600 worth of flooring. Looks like they have another $59.36 to go. Reduce, reuse, recycle – maybe reconsider? [Imgur]


Not Much To See Here… Just A Samsung T9000 Refrigerator With An Unnecessary 10-Inch LCD On It.

Samsung T9000 RefrigeratorInstead of focusing on how, maybe Samsung could’ve spent more time thinking about why would anyone need a 10″ LCD touchscreen on their refrigerator. It’s the brand new Samsung T9000 (no relation to the Cyberdyne T1000) and one of its options is an internet connected 10″ LCD touchscreen. Now I could be kicked until I agreed that the 10″ LCD was remotely useful for following recipes and building shopping lists but photo sharing and accessing apps on an unmovable fridge? Don’t we already have enough portable devices that do the same thing? [Gizmag]


Oh Nuts! There’s Some Soup In My Sand….Made Bowl.

Victor Castanera Sandstone bowlsThis story goes in the green file folder labeled “I don’t think so.” Barcelona designer Victor Castanera creates his Sandstone bowls out of an acrylic resin and uses beach sand as his mold; no machinery. On his website, Mr. Castanera explains the process [Google translated]:

“The project aims to emphasize the importance of the production process for both the final product, which acquires a unique identity resulting from a decision of Nature, and the user who made ​​that experience with them from the time throwing water on the sand until they have to give at home use.”

This would be fun to project to do with the kids but are these Sandstone bowls usable? Sustainable? Would you use a Sandstone bowl more than once? Probably not. [Inhabitat]


“My Ideal Fridge” Cartoon Meets Jubbling’s Ideal Fridge.

Ideal FridgeSaw this cartoon on Gizmodo and it got the creative juices going. Ok, maybe creative is too strong of a word.

Here’s our Jubbling version:

Jubbling's Ideal Fridge


What Is More Jubbling – Hand Washing Or Electric Dishwasher?

Hand Washing vs Electric DishwasherAs part of my daily Jubbling effort, I decided to avoid using the dishwasher in favor of hand washing all dishes. For some reason, nobody argued with me as I struggled to clean every dish in the sink for half of 2010. Yes, we still did use the dishwasher but only about twice a month thanks to my manual decision.

Then I made a bet about what was more Jubbling and searched out the answer. I soon discovered that I was wrong [again]. Outside of me washing the dishes by the river, the new Energy Star rated dishwashers are more efficient than I ever could be hand washing. It’s estimated that a dishwasher will use anywhere from 4 – 6 gallons of water to wash a load of dishes and hand washing the equivalent load could use up to 27 gallons of hot water. Now I could get into the math of kilowatt hours of energy consumed by an electric dishwasher versus hand washing or I could tap into some rain barrel water to make my case but ultimately, I was wrong.

I still recommend hand washing some items like large bowls or pans that would take up a significant amount of dishwasher space and I never hesitate to rinse a dish for its next use if it held something dry like crackers or milk-less cereal. Maybe it’s not 100% sanitary but with my kids, who sometimes carry loose change in their mouth, it’s not that big of a deal.