The Goal Of ‘One Third’ Rotting Food Photos By Klaus Pichler Is To Get Us To Waste Less Food

Klaus Pichler - One Third Exhibition

“I don’t get it… I don’t get it.”

Paul (John Heard), Movie “Big”

I really don’t get it. Klaus Pichler’s photo exhibition, One Third, about the amount of food wasted each year just seems like a waste in itself. Call me crazy but seeing pictures of rotting food doesn’t motivate me to hold onto dated items longer – it makes me want to check the dates on what I have in the fridge and start chucking stuff out.

Klaus Pichler - One Third Exhibition  Rotting Cookies
Inhabitat has a back story on the One Third exhibition and that it took its name from a UN study on how 1/3 of all food is wasted. Mr. Pichler also includes information on how the rotting food in the photographs was harvested and their respective carbon footprints.

Still can’t help feeling more than a little confused whenever I read about or see something considered art that partakes in what it purports to be against. Pictures: amazing. Message: lost. [Inhabitat ]