SavWatt CEO’s New Year’s Shareholders Message Is Awesome.

What do you put in your New Year’s message to shareholders when your stock is trading at $.0004 per share? Well the CEO of SavWatt, Ike H. Sutton, calls out the haters and basically tells them to go piss up a tree:

I have only one request for the new year that is in regards to SavWatt’s bashers on online chat boards. Ask yourself why are they bashing SavWatt? If they are shareholders, why bash? This only creates negativity in the marketplace. If they are not shareholders, why are they on the board? Are they being paid for bashing? By whom and what’s the purpose? And if they are really unhappy with SavWatt and the SavWatt team, get out of the stock and move on. Please do not listen or act based on basher information as they have an agenda of their own and provide misinformation to the determent of the company.

Ecopole by SavWatt

Ecopole by SavWatt

SavWatt’s flagship product, the Ecopole, seems like an impractical Swiss-Army green solution that was hoping for government stimulus type money and never got it.

But the rant by SavWatt’s CEO in his shareholders message is priceless and is probably not a good sign that the company is going to turn things around anytime soon. I guess if you think you’re going down, you might as well go without regret.


Bulled LED Lighting From LEDO Technologie

Bulled LED Lights from LEDO TechnologieI’m starting to think that LED lighting manufacturers know their products are going to be crazy expensive so they design them to look like little pieces of art. And the Bulled LED lighting series from German company LEDO Technologie is no different. Their 60-watt equivalent LED lights are beautiful to look at and at $150/each, they’d better be.

Check out the LEDO’s website for more information about their LED lights. [Gizmodo]


Who’d You Rather: CFL vs LED? posted an article that once again compares LED lights to CFL’s: LED vs CFL — Which Light Bulb is More Efficient? Its author, Elizabeth Smyth, writes for Precision Paragon – an energy efficient lighting manufacturer. Here are her statistics:

LED vs CFL on CleanTechnica
Ms. Smyth’s article repeatedly stresses that this is a “real world” comparison and based on her results, it seems obvious that 60-watt equivalent CFLs are an easy choice over comparable LEDs. But if you look at the numbers just a little, you’ll see that the pricing she used is pretty extreme – extremely low for CFL’s and high for LED’s. And one other real world factor she did leave out of the comparison is the risk and exposure to mercury vapor which is found in all CFL lights. I used to think it was nonsense until a CFL light bulb broke next to my daughter’s bed. The bulb didn’t just break, it popped and released mercury vapor that could have been inhaled or absorbed through skin.Broken CFL Light BulbSo numbers-schnumbers – make the choice that works best for you and if you do go with CFL’s, be aware of the risks. My daughter now reads to an LED lamp and although it’s not as bright as the CFL, it’s worth sacrificing a little brightness for safety.


Is This Jubbling? 12,000 Square Foot Home With 3,000 Square Feet Of Solar Panels

Rizzone Family HouseI knew the day would come that I would kick my own crotch over Jubbling. The whole mindset behind Jubbling is to spread the word and idea that you don’t have to be extreme to reduce your footprint on the planet and that every act and informed choice to reduce your consumption can help. But the Rizzone family’s new home in Newport Beach CA is a true Jubbling enigma.

They were recently profiled on for adding 3,000 square ft of solar panels to help power the 12,000 square ft home they built. The home includes:

Two kitchens, nine baths, a four-car garage, a gym, a 14-seat home theater, 16 TVs, an infinity-edge pool, outdoor cooking area, motorized and movable glass walls, nine zones of heating and cooling, 17 zones of audio and video, and an indoor waterfall.

According to the Rizzone’s, it’s been a “labor of love” and allowed them to the send a message to their two children about the importance of energy efficiency.

In addition to the solar panels and to aid the efficiency of their home, the Rizzones insisted on all LED lighting and to reduce cooling costs, their Somfy shades are timed to automatically drop down in order to block the sun. Their home was also built using recycled steel studs, concrete walls that help warm and cool the home, blown-in cellulose insulation, Energy Star-rated appliances and a rainwater harvesting system for landscape irrigation.

But is this Jubbling? They built a 12,000 square foot behemoth that only the consumption gods would appreciate. I’ve struggled with this but I have to conclude that, yes, it is Jubbling.

The Rizzone’s could’ve easily stayed off the radar and built 12,000 square foot home less energy efficient and without solar panels. They could’ve gone even larger with their house by avoiding solar and LED lighting and we would’ve never heard about them. It would’ve been just one more big ass house we all pointed at and said “look at that big ass house.”

And the Rizzone’s are taking their Jubbling to the tree lined streets of Newport Beach. Neighbors are not too happy about the glare from their solar panels and have protested their addition. But Steve Rizzone has used this as an opportunity to preach the solar gospel: “As we’ve talked to more neighbors and educated them on the benefits [of solar power], we’ve been able to turn some of the naysayers into believers,”

Now the part about the Rizzone kids learning about energy efficiency thanks to the building decisions they’ve made – I’m not buying it. Now if they did want to impart some knowledge on their children, they should start by adopting me. I’ll buy into everything they’re selling and I’ll even help install a clothesline in their backyard.