GravityLight: Gravity Powered LED Light.

GravityLight - Gravity powered LED lightWhat’s not to like about the GravityLight? It harnesses gravity to power an LED light for 30 minutes with just one lift of the included weight bag. The creators of the GravityLight, Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves, are currently on Indiegogo raising funds to expand production. Their goal is to manufacture and promote the GravityLight as an inexpensive alternative to kerosene lamps in developing countries. [Grist]


Upside Down Anglepoise Lamp Reveals LED Light?

Angled Lamp by Louis Rensch.The Anglepoise lamp designed by George Cawardine in 1932 is the prototypical desk lamp. You might not recognize the name but the style is a standard in any office and can also be found in the opening sequence of every Pixar movie.

Now, German design student Louis Rensch is flipping the Anglepoise on its normal bulb-holding head while allowing the base to provide lighting with flat, low-power consuming LEDs. Whether or not Mr. Rensch’s design “Angled” takes hold, it’s still original and makes a statement about the future of lighting. [core77]