Jubbling Doesn’t Think Rising Gas Prices Is All Bad News

The Seattle Times posted an article from the Associated Press, Drivers start to cut back on gas as prices rise.

Consumer spending information analyzed and supplied by MasterCard Spending Pulse has determined that gasoline consumption has gone down despite the fact that more people have returned to work. The high price of gas is obviously motivating the reduction but consumers are also downsizing their vehicles and/or finding alternative modes of transportation. According to the article, in addition to downsizing, more people are carpooling, riding mass transit or walking to where the need to get.

Moving away from gas and our normal patterns is not going to be easy but changing our habits now may be the only solution. As we reduce in the US, the worldwide demand for gasoline continues to increase due to an influx of new gas consumers in countries like China. Translation: the price of gas isn’t likely to go down permanently so choosing to consume less now and developing alternate means is probably a better option than being forced to make that decision later.