Are Homes Built Out Of Shipping Containers Truly Jubbling?

Six Oaks:  Shipping container vacation homeHomes made out of re-purposed shipping containers are all the rage now and getting the same love as the small homes in the tiny house movement. But are they Jubbling?

Shipping container home - Redondo BeachYes, they are Jubbling because these homes reuse retired shipping containers in place of new materials. Shipping containers are pest & fire resistant and virtually indestructible. But also “No” because in some recent examples, there’s nothing minimal about homes built out of shipping containers.

Inhabitat posted an article about Six Oaks (top picture) – a shipping container vacation home in California that was built by Modulus. According to the article, Six Oaks was built to:

“To minimize grading and site impact, the home’s footprint was designed to fit within the topography…”

So I’m starting to think the problem is with me and my jealous expectation that a shipping container vacation home to look like the one below and not the stacked beauties above that put my own house to shame. Home built out of shipping container - TaiwanHopefully, the people that build and live/vacation in shipping container homes don’t use a “greener than thou” attitude as an excuse to go bigger and construct a container-McMansion. Jubbling loves it when people build with re-purposed materials but we’re also rooted in the idea of consuming less. [Inhabitat]


McMansion My Ass! Teenager Building His Own Transportable 130 Sq. Ft. Home

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Sixteen year old Austin Hay of Santa Rosa California is much smarter than the rest of us. While we slave away trying to make our mortgage payments and live to our means, he’s looking at his future and building a 130 sq ft transportable home that he hopes to take to college and beyond. Notice in the video where he takes pride is the amount of waste he is not creating and it’s even better to hear him explain why he doesn’t need a larger space – “I don’t think bigger is better…too many chores.”


Is This Jubbling? 12,000 Square Foot Home With 3,000 Square Feet Of Solar Panels

Rizzone Family HouseI knew the day would come that I would kick my own crotch over Jubbling. The whole mindset behind Jubbling is to spread the word and idea that you don’t have to be extreme to reduce your footprint on the planet and that every act and informed choice to reduce your consumption can help. But the Rizzone family’s new home in Newport Beach CA is a true Jubbling enigma.

They were recently profiled on for adding 3,000 square ft of solar panels to help power the 12,000 square ft home they built. The home includes:

Two kitchens, nine baths, a four-car garage, a gym, a 14-seat home theater, 16 TVs, an infinity-edge pool, outdoor cooking area, motorized and movable glass walls, nine zones of heating and cooling, 17 zones of audio and video, and an indoor waterfall.

According to the Rizzone’s, it’s been a “labor of love” and allowed them to the send a message to their two children about the importance of energy efficiency.

In addition to the solar panels and to aid the efficiency of their home, the Rizzones insisted on all LED lighting and to reduce cooling costs, their Somfy shades are timed to automatically drop down in order to block the sun. Their home was also built using recycled steel studs, concrete walls that help warm and cool the home, blown-in cellulose insulation, Energy Star-rated appliances and a rainwater harvesting system for landscape irrigation.

But is this Jubbling? They built a 12,000 square foot behemoth that only the consumption gods would appreciate. I’ve struggled with this but I have to conclude that, yes, it is Jubbling.

The Rizzone’s could’ve easily stayed off the radar and built 12,000 square foot home less energy efficient and without solar panels. They could’ve gone even larger with their house by avoiding solar and LED lighting and we would’ve never heard about them. It would’ve been just one more big ass house we all pointed at and said “look at that big ass house.”

And the Rizzone’s are taking their Jubbling to the tree lined streets of Newport Beach. Neighbors are not too happy about the glare from their solar panels and have protested their addition. But Steve Rizzone has used this as an opportunity to preach the solar gospel: “As we’ve talked to more neighbors and educated them on the benefits [of solar power], we’ve been able to turn some of the naysayers into believers,”

Now the part about the Rizzone kids learning about energy efficiency thanks to the building decisions they’ve made – I’m not buying it. Now if they did want to impart some knowledge on their children, they should start by adopting me. I’ll buy into everything they’re selling and I’ll even help install a clothesline in their backyard.