Kitchen Flooring Made Out Of 60,000 Pennies.

Kitchen flooring made out of 60,000 pennies.
That’s $600 worth of flooring. Looks like they have another $59.36 to go. Reduce, reuse, recycle – maybe reconsider? [Imgur]


Eco-Friendly Wooden Wallets Are Back Pocket Unfriendly.

Wood Wallet by PROOF
Gizmodo posted an article, “Wooden Wallets, WTF?,” that is short and sweet. When and why did expensive wooden wallets become so eco-chic and who, other than George Costanza, would carry around a couple slabs of balsa in their back pocket?

Jubbling decided to reach out to their overseas dev-team [writer embellishment] to create an alternative and end this recycled / renewable trend. After 2 months of wind tunnel and back pocket testing, we discovered the solution was actually holding the final report together. [Gizmodo]

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