Dennis Hope Will Sell You A Plot Of Land On The Moon. Jubbling Helps Pick Its First President.

MoonShop's Dennis Hope with his moon lots for sale.Dennis Hope has been selling $24.00 plots of land on the moon for 30+ years. To date, Mr. Hope’s MoonShop has sold just under 600 million acres of moon properties and he has approx 9.4 billion acres left to sell. How is he selling property on the moon? According to Mr. Hope, he’s found a loophole in the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and he filed a claim on it. Here’s a NY Times video on Dennis Hope:

Of course a moon colony is going to need a leader and we’ve got just the person – Northwest Ordinance for Space advocate Newt Gingrich.
New Gingrich - first President of Moonsylvania.
Mr. Gingrich is qualified and a nice bonus is that he’ll push for statehood once the moon’s population reaches 13,000. Be sure to give Governor Gingrich time; he might complain a little at the start about wanting to come back to earth and that he’s a changed man but he’s done that before and eventually, he’ll come around to moon life.

So how does buying land on the moon fit with Jubbling? It’s a reminder of how important it is to take care of the planet we actually live on and it’s a reminder that we need to reduce the amount of money we waste on bad ideas. [Gizmodo]