Wired’s Review Of The ZERO DS Electric Motorcycle: Looking Beyond The ‘Green’ And At The Functionality

ZERO DS Electric MotorcycleWes Siler’s review of the ZERO DS Electric Motorcycle was refreshing to read. So often, ‘green’ websites are sold on any electric vehicle (EV) on sight and then blown away by the manufacturer’s reported specs. But Mr. Siler went further and rode the ZERO DS for three weeks hoping that it could be his zero-emission commuting solution and it wasn’t. Here are his inconvenient truths about the ZERO DS Electric Motorcycle:

  • Truth #1: [Despite its spec’d 115 mile range]Sixty miles is about as much as you’ll want to rely on.
  • Truth #2: Even with a quick charger, full recharges take five hours.
  • Truth #3: Easily accessible outdoor outlets are much harder to find than you think.
  • Truth #4: Plugging in for 45 minutes here or an hour there at some random outlet (the quick charger is too big to conveniently take with you) does absolutely nothing.
  • Truth #4: Distances aren’t one way when you can only really charge at home. A 10-mile journey has to be thought of as 20 miles, or one-third the 9kWh Zero’s effective range. That’s right, something that’s 10 miles away is one-third of your maximum reliable travel distance. You can travel there three times a day max and, once you’re there, your next move has to be limited accordingly.

Check out the full article and review for more information.

Of course I’m no different – I want to see an electric vehicle succeed. But in the future, thanks to Mr. Siler’s review of the ZERO DS, I’ll be a little more reluctant to buy into the hype. [Wired: Autopia]


Mythbusters: What Is More Jubbling, Motorcycles Or Cars?

Mythbusters - Adam Savage and Jamie HynemanThe latest episode of Mythbusters, Bikes and Bazookas, tackles the issue of what mode of transportation would have less of an environmental impact – motorcycles or cars? Everyone knows that motorcycles are more fuel efficient and require less raw materials to build – but the Mythbusters wanted to find out if they emit more greenhouse gases. The LA Times Greenspace has a nice recap explaining their tests and results. Here’s an excerpt from the LA Times on the Mythbusters “Bikes and Bazookas” episode:

“the motorcycle used 28% less fuel than the comparable decade car and emitted 30% fewer carbon dioxide emissions, but it emitted 416% more hydrocarbons, 3,220% more oxides of nitrogen and 8,065% more carbon monoxide.”

Maybe it’s time to kick the motorcycles out of the HOV lanes…


Brings Tears To My Eyes

Jubbling never looked so good and it’s great to see that we’re now an international phenomenon. Wait, Jubbling has always been international thing and I’m beginning to think the rest of the world knows Jubbling better than we do. Translating our website into foreign languages will not be necessary because the Jubbling will be missed by our international audience. It’s kind of like creating a website in the US about owning 4+ televisions or having a 3 car garage; it’s just not that out of the ordinary. 4 – 8 people on a motorcycle is not that out of the ordinary in parts of Asia because Jubbling is the norm.

So as much as I want to encourage Jubbling, you won’t see me riding a moped with a kid’s booster seat on it anytime soon. Maybe a Burley but that’s about it.